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  • P.C. razor blades.

    i have used these blades in my tablesaw miter saw and cirular saws. over all i like them but my miter saw does not care for them much. i was just wondering if any one has used them and what do you think of them? i know there a better blades i just think for the money, on a scale of 1-10 10 being the best i would rate these at a high 7 low 8. i also consider these throw away blade as it wold cost more to sharpen them than to replace them.
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    I've tried the 10" 50T and the 7-1/4" 20T. I thought the cut performance was about a 6 on the 50T, the feedrate a tad slower than some, and the brazing and the carbide didn't appear to be top quality. Not a bad deal at $29, but for $3 of $4 more you can get a Freud LU86R010 on sale... that's nice step up IMHO, and it should hold an edge better. For ~ $42, you can get an LU88R010 and have a true top shelf blade that'll eclipse the cut quality of the WWII. The Tenryu RS25540 40T is available for $35 shipped from Holbren and is also a better performer IMO, so I guess I'm not seeing much incentive to pick the PC over these, but I'd definitely take over the Marathons, Skil, Vermont American, Hitachi, etc.