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    I ran across this news article on HD. Watch both videos.

    Don't think I will ever hire them to do work for me.
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    Good post Tod, Thanks for the heads up. This is factual information, not just hear say or one disgruntled person
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      I am soo glad i do most of the work on my house. Then the only person mad at me is the wife lol!


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        I have only had one opportunity to have a HD contractor do any work for me and thats because it was actually cheaper for HD to install my new insulated garage door than it was for me to buy it due to a promotion they were running. My experience was far different than those reported. The door was installed a week sooner than it was promised and I was home to 'assist' the installer to make sure all was done properly. The guy I had was great, knew what he was doing and did a fine job, provided the hardware and hooked up my GDO even though that was not part of the deal. Now a garage door is a far cry in skill level from a kitchen remodel but I have to say I was happy with them.


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          I have a friend who does window installs for HD. He gets a flat fee per install based on certain criteria. He loves it because they give him plenty of work and pay well. He makes a point of making the customer happy since it is a lucrative gig for him. I think it is like any other person he does work on your home: some are good and some are bad. If he does installs from someone who contacts him directly he is much cheaper than HD charges.


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            Personal experience in the last year and a half is that good work is very hard to fine. In our area, anyone who is reputable is so busy that they won't even return your phone calls. We purchased an old home (1887) and have had tremendous difficulty getting projects done. I can't do everything myself in a timely manner, but at this point I've been so disappointed in the skill level of "contractors", that I've given up. Now I'm at the point where I'll just do it myself, whatever time it takes.

            Fortunately, I never got past the "design experts" at either Home Depot or Lowes. In either place, the incompetance is overwhelming. Orders lost, specs changed after my approval, no attention to details, etc., etc. Heck, it was a chore just getting the cabinets, counter, sinks, faucets, etc. After all that, I couldn't bring myself to trust their installers. Sears is the same way.

            The nice part about seeing the News video was the fact that I wasn't alone.



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              I try to do most of the work on my own home out of cost savings if I am comfortable doing so and I also enjoy it. I will say that I typically see HD charging more than I could find from someone on my own. I agree that sometimes HD is bound to get a bad subcontractor on a job. The one gal who waited 3 years for a kitchen to be completed was crazy though. I would have had lawsuits all over the place over that (although I would have done it myself and have actually done so). I think the ultimate problem I see in this issue is whether or not HD is standing behind the work being done, which it does not appear to be doing in most of those cases. Too bad many of those folks had to get involved with the news show to get results and were not able to do so on their own. I am a huge promoter of customer service and spent a few years in my first job teaching it in a large grocery chain. The way those folks in the story were treated is deplorable.
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                Me too.

                I do cabinet refacing for a big company. I just started about a month ago, and without naming the company let me just say this report did not surprise me AT ALL. Customer service takes a backseat and you are playing roulette with the installer list--some are fantastic, some are far from it.
                The last company I worked for had a culture of customer service that erred on the side of over doing it (too many phone calls to make sure everything was going well) and was very top heavy with a huge office. This company is horribly understaffed in the office, has very little to no support for those in the field and pulls attitude with the contracted customer that has litterally made me cringe.
                Again, some of the installers are really good and care about their work a lot, but they brought that attitude with them. I am one of these as I can't imagine doing this kind of work and not having pride in my jobs, including leaving a happy customer.
                My strategy is to keep my focus on doing the right thing by my customers until I get my licence and am a real alternative to this sloppy giant.
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                  I find it interesting how they stress that most of their jobs are done with no complaints.

                  The true face of a company only shows when things don't go as planned. That's when you find out what they're made of and it sounds like that's where they drop the ball.

                  I've only just moved into my first house in August, and so far I've tried to do everything myself. This sort of report makes me just want to try harder in the future rather than relying on others.

                  It seems these days you only ever hear horror stories about hiring contractors. I wonder how us regular people are supposed to find the good ones??

                  Maybe in the future there will be more forums like this one where communities can get to know one another. If there is more publicity about good and bad contractors, it will be that much easier to find a reputable one.

                  I mean really... if you deal with one that's absolutely wonderful... where do you go to tell people about it?