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decent graphic of 48 - 60" stilsons

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  • decent graphic of 48 - 60" stilsons

    Hey there.

    matt here from adelaide, australia here. trust the reader is in best of spirits.

    i dabble in graphic design and was wanting to get my hands on a good quality b&w image of a 60 ( or 48 )" rigid stilson.please.

    for the purpose of designing a t shirt print for a drilling company i used to work for.

    an illustrator file would be perfect. - my email

    if anybody can put me in the right direction, or forward this post to someone who can, i would be grateful.

    thanks for your time,

    matt parkinson.

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    Re: decent graphic of 48 - 60" stilsons

    month and a half man, and still nobody assisting ?

    yeah . . . , apparently