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  • ceiling texture question

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried the different types of roll on texture? Specifically, the kind sold at HD that gets mixed with the paint. This is for the ceiling in my garage so it doesn't have to be too nice but I would like a little bit of a texture.

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    I used some texture mix on the walls in my last house. It came out quite nice. It wasn't hard at all, just put in as much as you needed stir and paint as usual. Was a little wierd at first but got used to it. If your mix is powder, be sure to pour it while outside and with a mask on. It was some of the finest dust I've ever seen.
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      Thanks. I was going to do a knockdown texture for the ceiling but I just didn't want to spend the time and effort for a garage ceiling.


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        Hey adscott what part of IL are u from? I am in the northern region and I can give u some pointers if u need some help.