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Less than fantastic deals at HD.

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  • Less than fantastic deals at HD.

    At HD picking up some last minute stuff. There is a shelf of obviously returned....well used tools, including a Ridgid 18V drill....marked down to $210. Wow...that is only $30 more than a new 24V Lithium Ion drill!!!! It wasn't even clear if it had all the both batteries.

    I often see these "deals" on well beaten tools there. They don't seem too concerned when I mention the new tools are near the same price or cheaper. I wonder what finally happens to them? Does someone really stupid come along and buy them. Do they finally mark them down further? Do they give them away to employees?

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    I've never seen anything worthwhile at the used/returned tool section at HD.
    You can usually buy a new and complete one for about $2 more.


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      Better deals at costco

      just picked up a 3 piece campbell hausfeld nailer set for $149.00 + tax

      has a framing nailer, a 15 gauge finish nailer up to 2.5'', and a 18 gauge brad nailer to 1.25''. the set was $199. minus $50. instant rebate.

      the great thing about costco is that most all of their merchandise is a lifetime guarantee. (computers and big screens are 6 months)

      also picked up a 200 pc. dremel (alltrade) kit with the dremel for $20.

      so what's a plumber going to do with all these tools?

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      phoebe it is


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        $210 LOL I would bet if you check the stock # you will find it is part of a 4-5 piece set. Around here the used tools are checked out to make sure they are good then sold for 1/2-2/3 of original price. I never buy them myself because they don't have warrenties or LLSA like the new ones.
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          Or it might be the missing drill out of the opened kit they sent me

          Bought an opened 24V kit...last one they had....a return.

          Didn't bother to open it up till two days ago when I was going to send for free tool. Thought I'd charge the batteries and noticed one was missing. Drove back to store and they were out...asked me questions like "How come it took you so long to find a missing battery?" Second store was nicer...gave me a battery off a floor model. Thought I was all set.

          Tonight I opened the kit completely to register the serial numbers and notice the drill is missing too!!! Now I have to go back to the store!!!! Ackkkkkkk!!!


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            When you go to buy a clearance tool and your not happy with the price ask to speak to a manager. HDs managers can mark things down further and if you catch them at the right time and are nice about it they usually will. The next quarter ends January 31 so by the end of the month they will be looking to sell anything they can. Usually the items I see marked down are overly priced to begin with. I dont know who usually sets the M/D price but alot of managers just "pencilwhip" the green tag


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              Store was a bust....

              First store didn't have anymore in stock. They directed me to another store. That store said that they couldn't fix the problem...had to be the first store which screwed up. Now I'm trying to decide if its worth anymore driving around to get this resolved. My time and gas are beginning to add up to the cost of the drill.


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                And what really sucks is that if you were to go and return it all, the returns cashier would make a big issue out of the missing parts. You will need a 2x4 to pound it into their heads that it came that way


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                  I hate to say this but anymore even when we buy what we think are factory sealed boxes, we need to carefully inspect them at checkout. People will do just about anything for easy money anymore.