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    Get rid of the bread wire ties or the non reusable cable ties..this "cable clamp"
    is excellent!
    I use it to secure the power cords of some tools, air hoses, bundles of cables etc..

    Go to:

    I have seen these at home Depot and other stores. The prices vary.
    I ordered a package from cable clamp directly and experienced very fast service. Of course, you can't choose colors in the kit but so what!

    Cactus Man

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    I saw something similar at Lowe's or maybe it was Depot. Looks like a decent idea...
    I have some Velcro type cable wraps.


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      i own a couple dozen of these and they are not very durable. the plastic paw that grips the ratchet teeth strip too easily. the plastic is too flexable and bends back too far. it doesn't return to grip the teeth.

      i wouldn't buy anymore till they redesign them better.

      phoebe it is


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        I use something almost identical called Cable Cuffs that I got at Home Depot. I use them for extension cords and pretty much any cord that I don't keep plugged in all the time. They sure did clean up the tangled cord mess on my hand held power tool shelf. So far, they have held up just fine for my around the shop use. They come in 3 sizes and IIRC the middle size, which I use the most, cost around $1.

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          I am new to this forum. (applause)

          I have used those and like them ok. But what I use exclusively now are the bungee cords loops with a knob on the end. Get them at one of the Borgs. Two or three different sizes, just experiment for the size that fits.
          Don't remember what they cost.

          I just bought a 3650, well, I paid for it and am waiting for it to arrive at HD. They were out of stock. Its a long wait.