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hammer drill/recip saw combo,battery removal problem

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  • hammer drill/recip saw combo,battery removal problem

    I recently purchased the Rigid 18 volt hammerdrill/ recipricating saw combo. Everything is great as far as power and battery life, My question is, has anyone else had problems with the battery removal? on both my tools you almost have to be the incredible hulk to get the battery to release? Im a licensed contractor and have used almost every power tool in existence over the last 30 years, so Im wondering if I have a defective unit or is this a real manufacturing error? Thanks for any feedback, Chuck.

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    I notice you really have to squeeze the tabs in to remove the batteries.

    On some drills you only have to apply a little pressure on the battery release tabs. I've noticed the Ridgid batteries require a bit more travel (though not necessarilly more force) to ensure release. Check to see if you are squeezing the tabs till they hit the stops.