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    Now if I can just adapt these ideas to solve the problem of the occasional missing sock in the laundry. Maybe if I build a really small workbench right next to the dryer, all those years of missing socks will magically reappear!
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      Unfortunately, the "sock vortex" can't be dealt with in any logical fashion. It's an entity of pure energy that refuses any attempts to tame it. The closest I've come is to look behind the washer and dryer and find the remains of socks it wasn't able to suck up. To actually witness the entity itself is something us mere mortals should never do. In that way lies madness!!!
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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        Those vortex's can be very picky at times can't they? There seems to be two of them in my shop. The pencil vortex is very strong and almost always is insatiable. The tape measure vortex on the other hand usually sucks up the tape measures out of sight for a bit, decides it really doesn't want it, and mysteriously returns it to a spot that it has no business being at.
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          Missing Socks

          This is what I do and I end up finding all kinds of wild goodies.

          1. Empty out smaller shop vac and really clean the drum and filter well.

          2. Connect hose to blower port and run it outside a few minutes to blow dirt out of hose.

          3. Take this along with several wands (straight tubes) down to the laundry room and setup.

          4. Suck up everything that's behind, under and around the clothes washer and dryer.

          5. Use a good work light and really look all over the laundry room floor for any additional goodies.

          6. Take shop vac outside and spread news papers or such on ground and empty it out.

          7. With dust mask on, gloves on, and safety glasses on, dig through everything.

          8. Enjoy my treasures that have finally been recovered after many hours of searching all over for them.

          9. Dispose of the rest of the mess.

          THE END
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            Re: one of THOSE days

            grrr bad day for me so far, wife is out of town till sunday and she has her keys with her force of habit i guess, but i woke up late this morning so my son rode his bike to school and he has his keys with him so he can get back in the house this after noon while i should be gone but he has his learners so he has keys to the cars and trucks as well, so i have to be some where by 8:00 this morning(did i mention that i woke up late??) so i go to get in to my wife's car since it is what i drove last night ....... it is locked and the keys are on the seat oh great no keys anywhere around the house i am now really late so i reschedule for another day now i walk to my sons school 4 miles (my god the miles are so much longer than they used to be when i was a kid) so now i get to the school and they page him for them to realize that today is his vo tech day and they transported him to that school 20 miles away so now i just walk back home and did i mention that the miles seem longer now?? then when i get here i think i will pull some food out of the freezer for dinner tonight then i see it bigger than life it self an unbelievable site the freezer door is open one inch and nothing is frozen anymore so now i will just sit here in this chair today so nothing else bad will happen to me, now if my cat will stop looking at me like i am his scratching post i will be all better since i cant go any where till 4:00 now what a bad
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              Re: one of THOSE days

              Wow, OSC....I hope you survived the cat!!! Maybe this is why the freezer was open....
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              I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                Re: one of THOSE days

                im not allowed to touch my missus tools!


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                  Re: one of THOSE days

                  Ha Ha Ha, lost my 1/2" wrench on Sunday, went out to the work trailer to get another one. Looked all day for that sucker couldn't find it for nothing. Well last night the wife came upstairs from the basement, in one arm is a basket of laundry, and the other hand was a shinny 1/2" wrench. She's shaking her head and told me she washed my wrench. I didn't even bother to tell her I was looking for it. Took the wrench from her and walked away, shaking my head. Back pockets get me all the time, so used to things in my pockets, I guess when I sit down it just never bothers me, thats why the wife has a 5 years warranty on our couch...
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