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    Originally posted by HVAC HAWK View Post
    a 3/8 all thread rod cutter
    About a dozen or so strokes with a hacksaw (and the right blade) will easily cut 3/8" rod. I never had a problem with cutting 3/8, but 1/2 or 5/8 all-thread is what gets ya when you are cutting it all day long. By the end of the day you're beat.
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      no problem Woussko, to be honest if the machine you showed had a sanding disk vs. a grinding stone/wire wheel it would have been what i was talking about. but the delta is what i own but i can not say i am over joyed with it at all but i got it for a fair price. and i found out that vise grips make great handles
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        Originally posted by oldslowchevy View Post
        what power or non power tool would you like to see next from ridgid that they don't make now? i would like to see a biscut jointer myself but what about you guys what would you guys want?
        a ridgid hydraulic pipe bender...


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          Are you sort of wanting a mini version of your Delta disc and belt sander? I'm looking around and may post links for a few sites depending on my findings. I have a few wild machines in mind that I'm hoping to find for my own use.


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            no i like the size of the one i have but it is falling apart(mostly plastic) the handles are broken the switch is going the bearings are very very nosiy but it will cost more to fix then to go and buy another. i figure i have maybe a year left before it is completly shot
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              Re: what would you like next?

              Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
              I'm amazed, 28 hours this thread has had life and not a peep about a job site radio.
              Originally posted by biscuit View Post
              how about a jobsite radio!
              I'll second that but all you really need for a jobsite radio is a line in jack am/fm and a few battery charging bays. No cd player or cd's to break at work. You could even supply the cable to connect to the headphone jack of you players
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                Re: what would you like next?


                It would be a nice addition for Ridgid providing it's designed and made well. Maybe you'll get really lucky and find a very nice condition cast iron Powermatic at a nice price. Or, maybe, just maybe Ridgid (or most likely the contract company) will see the need and spring to life. Keep your eyes and ears open. You just may get lucky soon.


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                  Re: Super Radio Charger and More

                  Originally posted by Woussko View Post
                  OK here goes, but I know this is only my day dreaming idea

                  How about a super job site radio, that's able to play MP3s, CDs and casette tapes besides being an AM, FM and weather radio? Then on top have a 4 bay charger where all bays would have "Smart Technology" (maybe not the same for every bay) so that any battery pack wearing the RIDGID name could be charged up. I really hate having loads of different chargers sitting on the shelf above my bench. A smart charger could be made to charge several different ones and especially a multi bay charger. Now to add on a little extra feature, how about a good powerful work light and set it up so that with the flip of a switch, it can become a power failure light? Call me nuts, because I doubt my dream Radio-Charger-More could be purchased for under $500, but if it's really done right, maybe some of us would be willing to invest in such.

                  Your comments, please __________________________
                  Look at for the charger. I understand from Gary Tole (National Sales Manager) a radio may be in the works also. You could call him at 1-972-385-2486. Their "Crew Charger" can charge 4 batteries of different types and voltages in a 15 minute time period. They also have a remote charger that you can charge up at night and carry to a jobsite that has no power. The remote charger will charge up to 8 cordless batteries.

                  These guys probably know more about batteries than the OEM's.
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