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    After reading more posts on the forums I began to look for a repair /service center for ridgid. To my surprise, I have a service center 5.5 miles from my house and another 9.6 miles. Those are the closest but I also have 3 more within 35 miles of home. I read so many posts that say ridgid is good tool but they have so much trouble with repairs and or finding a shop to repair tools. I am really happy to know that I have 5 to choose from that are close and more farther if needed. That will help me in makeing more ridgid buys, knowing I have them so close. If people would do a little research before they purchase a product, it would probly help in decision making. I also have a dewalt store/repair service center 1.5 miles form me. I have , like many others , had a bad deal with dewalt, so knowing ridgid service is so close and i like the tools, I will get ridgid. Just my 2 copper pieces after reading bashing/ horror posts about ridgid.....