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  • breathe safely

    After many a year without protection and other stuff... I use oxygen at nite while sleeping now. Over the years I found out that my "O2" level is 22% below according to my 2 doctors.I know threads about this and other safety isues has been posed but I thought this needed to reiderated. Use a dust mask more often than not. I wear all the safety gear i can get now to save what i have, left. On a sidenote.... I also have sleep apnea and wear a mask at nite that my O2 connects to. It's not alot of fun wearing a mask to bed but WOW did I sleep good last nite. All in all, to all that think " it wont hurt me , I'll be fine", think twice and wear a dust mask. It's not like we can replace a lung like we can replace a filter.

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    Re: breathe safely

    Very timely for me, hc2. I choked down some wallboard dust yesterday because I was too lazy to fetch a mask. Today, I will use a mask, for sure! Good luck to you and take care.