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My Ridgid vac is dead.

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    Re: My Ridgid vac is dead.

    This afternoon I brought the head back to exchange it.

    They told me they wouldn't take it back and all they'd do was send it out for repair for me. It would take a couple weeks to get it back. I argued a bit with the guy, asking if I could just return it then. I mean... if that's the service I'm going to get for an obviously defective piece, I'd just rather not have it. He said they wouldn't take the return because it was used. I said of course it's used, that's how I know it's broken!

    He just kept saying no. I couldn't return it. I couldn't exchange it.

    As he was filling out the paperwork for the repair, I told him to forget it and give me back my receipt. I'd fix it myself rather than wait a couple weeks for a new one.

    I then took it to another HD. They exchanged it on the spot, no hassle at all.

    Go figure.

    So now I've got the new head and I'm a happy camper.

    I think I'll be going to Rona from now on for any major purchases though. No point in supporting the local HD if that's the treatment I'm going to get there after spending thousands. I wish the one that treated me well was much closer than it was.


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      Re: My Ridgid vac is dead.

      Well, I'm glad you got it sorted out.
      I've noticed the same thing - it depends on the store and person you deal with...
      go figure...


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        Re: My Ridgid vac is dead.

        Just to let you know i have two of these 16 gal vacs.Theyve worked great for me.Used everyday as my main dust control,on and off MANY times EVERY day BUT about once a year my swithes go out like clockwork.So i KEEP spares now, $2.00 each from ridgid parts and takes seconds to replace.Just to let you know, i understand what your saying though, id be peeved too.
        \"practice is like farting; only you can do it yourself\' and no one can do it for you\"-sawaki kodo (zen master)


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          Re: My Ridgid vac is dead.

          Ah. So I can pretty much expect this to keep happening then eh?

          Have you looked around for a better switch that will fit rather than continuing to use the Ridgid one?


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            Re: My Ridgid vac is dead.

            The ridgid vac's have the lifetime warrenty for defect/workmanship, take it back and ask to have it serviced or replaced.