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Keeping your Computer Running Quick

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  • Keeping your Computer Running Quick

    I have seen a lot of people machines slowed way down by spyware lately. they cause a lot of funky behaviors and can even stop internet explorer from working entirely. My favorite spyware removal tool is Spybot. Only reason I am posting this is because I just cleaned out my Parents computer and my Brother in Laws computer and they had around 100 infections each. Both of their machines are running much better. Just trying to optimize your ridgidforum browsing.

    Spybot can be downloaded at


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    Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

    and one other way to speed things up is to defragment and delete your cookies every so often .

    it works for me .

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      Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

      The best way to deal with this sort of thing is to prevent it.

      It's generally non-computer-people who have these problems because they just don't realize how they bring them upon themselves.

      Once you've cleaned up once of these messes, be very clear about the fact that they should NOT install any software off the Internet and do NOT run ANY attachments that come in emails.

      If they're concerned that they might not get the newest stupid screensaver or play the newest stupid email forwarded flash game, ask them whether it's worth ruining their computer. Then make sure that if it happens again, you're too busy to fix it for a couple weeks afterward.


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        Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

        Spybot is definately a good resource. I recommend any computer user get these kinds of tools and USE them regularly!! I use Spyware Doctor, but will still use Spybot from time to time. I find it's a good idea to use products from different vendors just to make sure you don't miss something.

        You really have to have a decent anti-virus, too. I believe AVG is still free. There's also NOD32, which is still free as well. Either of these 2 anti-virus products are well-behaved, simple, yet powerful. If you're using Norton or McAfee then don't bother with these. Although, like with spyware catchers, I recommend people use a different manufacturer's product occasionally to make sure nothing slips by. I, personally, run AVG full-time. I'll usually scan with NOD32 on a monthly basis.

        If you notice your computer starting to slow down, you should really start scanning for viri and spyware. A lot of times, you've gotten a trojan that is spamming email from your address. This will cause all of your internet activites to seem very slow, as well as put a lot of strain on the computer itself. You do NOT have to be running any email program for the spammer to be active in most cases. It will sometimes show up in the running processes, but I've seen them hide from that as well. ALWAYS keep your anti-virus and spyware programs up to date and USE Them!!!

        At some point in the very near future, my business site,, will be updated with links to free scanners and information on fighting these nasty things. I've just started my own computer business, but I don't want to start using Ridgid to advertise it!! Once I get something USEFUL up there for y'all, I'll post the links if you'd like, and if Josh says it's ok.
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          Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

          Spybot is good, but one anti-spyware is not enough. I suggest you install Spybot and Ad-Aware. Also a good personal firewall and an anti-virus. An excellent and free Anti-virus is AntiVir. You might want to install and run a program like CCleaner to clean up temporary files and unused junk.


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            Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

            Also, if you're running Windows then make sure you do regular updates or turn on the automatic updating feature. Plug the holes before they're exploited.


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              Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

              For what it's worth, I haven't had a Windoze Update since SP2 came out, I'm still running WinXP SP1. When you get an Update lots of things happen, two which irked me to no end were the Windows Messenger service was reset to start automatically, and IE was set to be the default browser. Windows Messenger is just another hook the outside world has into your operating system, and IE is the most pathetic excuse for a browser I've ever seen. Essentially all the Updates try to do is plug holes in Micro$oft products that access the internet, and I don't use any (see (3) below).

              My PC at home is hanging out on the net, I can log onto it from anywhere in the world, and I've never had a single issue with a virus, worm, etc.
              Here's what I did (and do):

              (1) Stopped the Windows Messenger service and made it a manually started service.
              (2) Stopped getting Windoze Updates.
              (3) Don't use any Microsoft product that accesses the internet. I've been using the Mozilla Suite for years, but I'm about to switch to SeaMonkey. (I hate the name, SeaMonkey, but I'll get over it. Even though SeaMonkey is a Mozilla product, I've become emotionally attached to the Mozilla lizard, and what kind of icon can you have with a name like SeaMonkey? But the Mozilla Suite is not supported anymore and is falling behind the times.)
              (4) Install Spybot.
              (5) Install AVG AntiVirus. As long as AVG is around, I'll never use Norton, MacAfee, etc. again. AVG has a free version for home use, but I opted for the paid version because I like it so much and wanted to support them.

              - djb

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                Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

                Originally posted by Wild Weasel View Post
                Also, if you're running Windows then make sure you do regular updates or turn on the automatic updating feature. Plug the holes before they're exploited.
                This is good advice in general. I don't use auto-update as I will go out and get the updates as they're available. I get emails telling me such-and-such update is available for yadda-yadda and so on. If it's one I need, I get it. I do this because I like to keep on top of what's happening. Plus, I kinda know what I need. That's not going to fit everyone, though. I generally tell people if you don't want auto-updates, use manual but DO IT EVERY WEEK. For Linux machines, there's typically a manual updater available. Always run this at least once a month.

                There are so-called "Zero-day exploits." These are new, as-yet-unknown exploits that become rampant typically within a few days. In these cases, there are no updates, and all you can do is hope your firewall is up to the task. I always recommend hardware firewall. Software firewalls are ok, but for the most's running on your Windows machine!!! I mean....that's just not the best platform for a firewall!!
                I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                  Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

                  Yeah I forgot to mention Firefox...

                  Don't use Internet Explorer unless you want to get a virus or spyware...


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                    Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick


                    Maybe you can point me in the right dirction.I purchased this one,my first computer, from toshiba.It has windows xp.

                    But i think my construction mentality has hurt it.I've restored to a date 2 months ago,would like to pull my not working mckafee,get media player working again, basically clean out the system of all my beginner mistakes.

                    Do you all know of a web site that I could work with to lean more about this strange tool I have here in front of me.

                    How about those Geek Squad people,or are they like our beloved flat rate tradesmen.

                    For cleaning purposes do I just download Josh's spybot and follow there steps.
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                      Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

                      spybot is pretty much install and follow instructions. Make sure you do step number 3 when it asks you if you want to back up your registry. then click the next after it becomes available. Scan for problems. then click fix detected problems.

                      You may want to get a buddy that knows computers well to format your hard drive and reinstall everything. I do that about every year.



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                        Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

                        I have a great pc techfriend . He told me if i ever have problems come see him. I did. He found over 7000 problems on my pc. He took a screenshot for memory and bragging rites. He has never seen anything that bad and he has been in computers over 14 years.I now have up to date updates lol. I thought something was going bad on the pc and turns out that the spyware i had got infected so it said nothing found all the time i was useing it. That's bad when your spyware gets infected let me tell ya. In short i have 3 spyware programs and a router and firewall now .All i had before was 1 spyware program. And i have an anti-virus scanner. Get all you can cause like the saying goes...." 4 eyes are better than 2 " really works. I have not found anything in last 8 months of this new setup. good luck to yall.


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                          Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick


                          I highly recommend this spyware program. It's not free, but unlike some if not most of the free programs, this one runs in the background or you can run a full manual scan too. I would use this and also Add-Aware and SpyBot.


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                            Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

                            Hi Folks

                            I agree with the recommendations for Spybot and Adaware, great programs

                            Also agree with VASandy, Newman and Wild Weasel about updates, AVG and CCleaner.

                            Crap Cleaner has a useful tool on it's option tab that lets you keep your "good" cookies. The ones that auto log you on to your favorite sites etc.

                            The other thing I would suggest is some kind of a firewall like Zone Alarm that will stop unauthorized programs from unwanted communications (incoming or outgoing)

                            Also be sure to change the default names and passwords on your routers for both wired and wireless connections as they are easy targets to exploit.
                            Cheers! - Jim
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                              Re: Keeping your Computer Running Quick

                              One of the best ways to keep a computer runnig fast is to partition your hard drive correctly. That way your operating software does not need to search through your music or photo collection to find files it requires. Have a few drives geared towards your particular needs (example - a 150 gig drive divided into 3 parts: one part for OS, one for Programs, and one for general storage).

                              The number two way (IMO) is NOT to download programs that search for music/movies like BearShare or Limewire. They are the largest offenders for spyware, virus, and trojan files. KEEP AWAY. The 5 dollars you'll save by downlaoding that CD you will pay for in computer problems. Of course if you download adult files or movies, you are 100% gauanteed to get unwanted files.

                              Doing a disk clean-up every day also helps - it clears out temp files, cookies (spam providers), as well as other insignifigant junk.

                              The last suggestion I have is to defragment your HD every few months. Defragmenting takes little peices of files and "reassembles"them where they belong. Defragmenting helps a lot when you have a lot of files, especially if you love to move them around or edit them (like photos).
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