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  • Help!!!!

    So i got a new 12 inch Sliding MITER saw with the folding stand and was filling out the warrenty card the next morning and relised i had just taken the box with the UPC codes and stuff to the dump that morning... I have everything else except hte UPC codes off of the box... Any idea's on what to do....

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    Re: Help!!!!

    I get this all the time at work and here's what i do as this is what my Ridgid Rep has told me will work. Just go back to H.D. and ask them to either photocopy or print off a price label for you. These labels have a UPC on them and they should work. Mail the price label in place of the UPC and I always instruct the customer to write a note explaining the situation and putting that in the envelope. I've done this countless numbers of times and have yet to have a customer come back saying this method doesn't work.