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What to do with spam threads.

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  • What to do with spam threads.

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to post up this FYI for those who aren't already aware of how these things work.

    When someone comes in here and spams the forums, as often as not it's some automated system that has signed up and posted the garbage.

    It is important when this happens that you DO NOT REPLY to that message. Just ignore the thread and let the admin's handle it. They'll notice and remove it.

    Bear in mind that the spambot may have subscribed to the thread so if you reply, they may get an email notification saying there's been a reply and, thus, someone has read their spam. This will only encourage them to do it again, knowing they're getting an audience.

    Saying mean things to them and telling them to go away won't help. No person will likely ever read those messages and really, they should already know that they're bad people and going straight to hell. Telling them won't make any difference or help them to change their ways.

    Just grumble under your breath and curse their existance and then go on to read other, meaningful threads in the forum.

    This has been a ww PSA.

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    Re: What to do with spam threads.

    Good advice weasel. I check the forum every day and usually catch spam pretty quick. I delete all the posts the user made and ban the user.

    The less replies they get the quicker their stuff goes away. Overall its infrequent but as the forum grows the attacks may increase. As always I am here waiting to make sure this place stays clean and nobody is tempted to buy a 100 dollar Ipod video.