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tube cutter for 4x7 metal tube

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  • tube cutter for 4x7 metal tube

    I am trying to find a cutter for 4" x 7" metal tube.currently I am useing a saws all .it does the job but is hard to keep straight and requires a lot of cleaning for burs after the cut.Does anyone know of a cutter that can help? I am installing pnuematic tubeing for banks and drive-thru pharmacies.

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    Re: tube cutter for 4x7 metal tube

    I think you would want a small bandsaw made for metal cutting. There are many made depending on how good of one you would want and your budget. Below is a picture of a simple one. For 4 x 7 you'll need more machine than the small semi-portables which in most cases can only do about 4 x 5 or 4 x 6 max. This one can cut off at 90 degrees up to 7 x 12, but normally you wouldn't want to use it above 6 x 10 or so. The issue is if you would use such a machine enough to help it pay for itself.
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      Re: tube cutter for 4x7 metal tube

      Porta bands are not big enough and the pictured saw is not at all portable. I assume you want to take it to the job site. Get a 14" cut off saw. Will be straighter and quicker than a sawsall, but will still have to clean up the burr on the edge.
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