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H.D. Why do I keep going back.

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  • H.D. Why do I keep going back.

    I am convinced that there is special training that Home Depot puts their employees through on how to drive their customers crazy. They manage to wizz me off at least once a year, but like an idiot, I keep going back.

    Here is the latest P.O.: The week after Christmas I bought the Ridgid nailer combo w/cordless screwdriver for $118(ish), but I lost the receipt. I have been looking and looking, but it has gone to where all of the missing socks go. Anyway, I am coming up on my 90 days, so I went to HD to have them reprint a receipt. After all, they looked up another purchase I made a few months ago simply by swiping my credit card and retrieving it in their system. However, this time they wouldn't even try. I asked them (at their (lack of) service desk) if they would give it a shot, just for sh1ts and giggles. Nope, wouldn't even touch my card. They told me I had to deal with Bertha upstairs, but first I had to fill out this paperwork telling them exactly what date, the exact amount of the purchase and the exact cash register I checked out from. I told her that info would be on the receipt that I don't have.....and that is why I am here.

    She picked up the phone and called the mighty Bertha upstairs. Bertha as it turns out is the store's Ridgid expert. Bertha tells her that it is too late for me anyway because I have to register the tools within 30 days. However, I am automatically covered by the 3 year warranty. I told her that since she is the expert, she should know that the registration period is actually 90 days, which is the same time period in which a customer can return the product to the retailer for an unconditional refund under "Ridgid's Satisfaction Guarantee". I told her I can return these used tools to you and you would have to give me a full refund. Or, I can go buy another identical set take it home, copy the receipt and bring that back for a full refund (may as well stick my 3 month old tools in the box while I am at it). Why not swipe my card and see what comes up, I asked? Nope, wouldn't do it.

    Why don't these people at least go through some tiny little motions that at least look like they are trying to help us out. They drive me crazy, and I seriously think they actually get a kick out of it. But again, I am the idiot for going back!!!!
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    Re: H.D. Why do I keep going back.


    Don't you get a monthly billing statement from your credit card company? Hey, I understand your frustration, but at times you just have to make up your mind that some people are below the level of even trying to think logically.

    In any case, if you have a billing statement, that should give you the exact date that you made you purchase. With that the store should be able to help you out... and if they don't want to make the effort, you can contact that main office in Atlanta; give them the store number, the date of purchase, and the amount and they will get you a receipt.

    I hope you still have your original box though, because you will need the original UPC from the box in order to register.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: H.D. Why do I keep going back.

      Yeah, coming up with the actual amount and date of purchase is just a matter of checking with my credit card company. The problem is, and I swear they said this, they told me they need to know exactly which register I checked out from. It was crystal clear that they were trying to make it impossible for me to get a copy of the receipt.
      Baseball is wrong - man with four balls cannot walk.