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What the? the dream over?

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  • What the? the dream over?

    I have been reading and participating in the recent posts about HD service going down the tubes. It doesn't seem like the feeding frenzy of bitching it could be either, I know I have kept a lot to myself to keep from getting too much on a negative roll. (I'm trying to whine less in my day to day). I remember reading one post where someone heard that HD was going to try to compete with best buy in the plasma screen market. Yesterday I saw it, a plasma screen display.
    How is this a good Idea? If HD wants to compete with Walmart, Target, Bestbuy etc they can start a new chain like they did with EXpo. The staff is already under trained in product knowledge without adding electronic to the mix, the place is hard enough to navigate without people playing video games and baskets full of kids running around everywhere...

    Hell in a handbasket.
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    Re: What the? the dream over?

    HD customer service is going downhill. One reason that the last CEO left is that CS declined during his time. I've placed a few special orders lately, and they've all been screwed up. But in case you haven't noticed, CS is bad everywhere.


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      Re: What the? the dream over?

      Originally posted by woodenstickers View Post
      I know I have kept a lot to myself to keep from getting too much on a negative roll.

      However I was just in there last night to get some router bits and the whole process took way too long

      When I got to the tool section it was empty except for one other guy browsing the clamp section. I thought well there's got to be somebody around maybe if I have a look around they'll show up. Well I looked at everything there was to look at (took about 20 minutes) and still no staff.

      I went and stood by the router bit case and waited some more (another 15 minutes).

      In the meantime a few more customers came in and were browsing around and one of them happened to be a sweet old lady. She was hovering pretty intently by the miter saws and it looked like she was waiting for some kind of help as well. She noticed me waiting by the router bit case and we kind of rolled our eyes at each other
      She came over and asked me if I knew anything about miter saws
      I responded "well yes I do" and not quite sure what she wanted I walked over there. It turned out she was a fellow woodworker and already owned a saw (Bosch 10" compound) Her problem was with the bevel lock on the back of the saw. She explained that hers was very tight and she wasn't sure which way to turn it. I told her that happens alot and she watched me loosen the demo saws bevel lock... Righty tighty, lefty loosy that's what I thought she said. I suggested she use a short piece of pipe or a cresent wrench etc. to give her a little more leverage to undo the lock. I explained that when she went to tighten it again that all you have to do is make it snug, not to overdo it. This interaction took about 15 minutes.

      She was tickled that I helped her out and when she was leaving we were commiserating about the lousy service in HD's tool department this particular evening (there's normally a very knowledgable older guy who works in that department, but he must have been off this night). Anyway as she was leaving the store I seen her grab one of the girls at the till and start explaining that there was a guy waiting for help in the tool department Next thing I know the girl comes over to the tool department and I figure she's going to let me into the router bit case Nope She says that she contacted the guy who's supposed to be on in that department and he should be by in a few minutes. Another 15 to be exact

      To top it all off he see's me by the router bit case as he's getting there and starts telling me that unfortunately he knows nothing about router bits and that maybe I should come back when there is someone there who does... I interupt him and explain that I know exactly what I need but I can't get it because the case is locked. He says okay and unlocks the case. I had in my pocket a little piece of oak drawer pull and I take it out and start trying to match the tenon on it to the right sized slot cutter. Now I've already been waiting for about an hour at this point and I start to sense the guys impatience It took me about 2 or 3 minutes to size up the right bit.

      I finally get home and now the Mrs. is a bit choked because dinner has been sitting there. I left the house @ 5:00 pm and told her I should be back by 6:00 pm and it's now 7:30 pm and we only live about 5 -10 minutes away from the HD.

      Cheers! - Jim
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        Re: What the? the dream over?

        I've noticed the same thing - HD CS is horrendous. None of the employees is knowledgeable in his department, or any other department for that matter. I don't even bother asking for assistance unless I need something that's locked up or overhead. Lots of times I'm browsing the store and I hear one of the sales associates giving incorrect or even unsafe advise to a customer. Where does HD find these people? I know I've helped many customers with questions about tools or procedures in the past at HD and Lowes while I was there shopping...


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          Re: What the? the dream over?

          You have to remember that the big box stores are "warehouse stores" and the help is evidently hired for their strong backs (and weak M**ds). As long as the product sells and the shelves are restocked.

          I am sure that the pay scale has dropped considerably from the days when HD hired tradespersons to staff the various departments. Most tradespersons also have absorbed knowledge and skills from working in close proximity to other trades on the job site and they could assist customers in other departments.

          Todays corporations are only interested in maximizing profit by increasing sales and reducing costs, the basic ROI (Return on Investment) formula. They are creating a workplace full of dissatisfied, low wage, employees who have low skills and don't give a s**t as there is little motivation and company loyalty.

          Not to many years ago, I met an HD employee here in Florida, who had been offered a big raise to relocate to an HD "up north". When he told me the hourly wage he would be receiving, I clued him in on the cost of living up there (rent, food etc) as I was familiar with the area (Massachusetts). He quickly realized that he should stay here. He told me that many others had been offerer a similar "deal". Captive employees comes to mind, can't afford the cost of living and can't afford to move back.

          The company, though, would have a warm body for a minimum outlay of wage payed.


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            Re: What the? the dream over?

            What the? the dream over?

            No, it's not over, HD is still dreaming.
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              Re: What the? the dream over?

              While I agree that HD has gone way down the tubes in the past few years, i'm optimostic that they will pull it back up. The reason I say this is because of my last job I did. My customers wife is a head cashier for HD and we got to talking about how crappy it's gotten in there. She said the old CEO guy was an idiot and darn near single handedly killed off HD. He's long gone now and there is a big scramble to try to bring things back up to where it was years ago.

              Hopefully, she's right and things will begin to change. (for now, HD still sucks bigtime, but it's the closest thing around. Lowes is clear across town)

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                Re: What the? the dream over?

                Don't know about the HD's in any other area but the one here is the pits. The only registers open are the self check outs and they suck, no matter how long the line. I'm at the point where I'll take my money to Lowes. Their cheaper and more CS oriented.
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                  Re: What the? the dream over?

                  Yeah those self checkout are so annoying - half the time they don't scan the item. I guess HD figures instead of paying 4 cashiers, they pay 1 guy to babysit the self checkouts...


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                    Re: What the? the dream over?

                    I will bump this thread back up with my response...

                    I know most of you just file those receipts. On the bottom of it there is a website and an ID number. Go to the website and fill out the survey. Yes the survey can be a PITA but the results of your survey go back to Atlanta and MAINLY to the store you made your purchase at. The good and the bad comments are read at meetings and are posted up in the breakroom. If you like or dislike your service (or lack of) let them know.

                    HD is going through some major changes. For awhile hours were given by projected sales, and if a store was "under" in hours it meant more for the profits. Then they realized how bad sales are because they werent giving out hours to get people on the floor to make the sales. Things are changing and just over the last few weeks (at my store) sales have been crazy throughout the store, mainly because you can almost always find someone. There are times when you might have to wait a few minutes, but it is not hard to find someone now