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  • Grease Compatibility?

    I was thinking that I should start a thread on greases, not that a wood working shop uses a lot of grease, many here do have need to lubricate there equipment from time to time,
    Grease. Did you know you can't mix just any grease with any other grease? It's true--doing so can cause catastrophic damage to equipment. And it's true even if the grease types are the same. Why is this?
    Grease consists of two parts--the actual lubricant (normally oil) and a carrier, or base. Each has its own function. It's the carriers that are not compatible. Always know the base of the grease you are adding and the base of the grease you are adding to. Once you know those things, you can use the chart below to determine if you can add one grease to the other.

    This grease compatibility chart will help you put the right greases together.
    If a new grease is to be used and the old is unknown, it is best to wash out the old before adding the new,

    check with the manufacture of the grease and the equipment for the correct grease,
    another chart,

    LUBRICATION of roller bearings in electrical machines

    ASTM D 4950 includes specifications for two category groups: chassis lubricants (letter "L" prefix) and wheel bearing lubricants (letter "G" prefix). Performance classifications within these groups result in two letter designations for chassis greases (LA and LB) and three for wheel bearing greases (GA, GB, and GC) The automotive industry is in general agreement that the highest performance category, to date, in each group (LB and GC) is suitable for service relubrication.

    Following the development of these categories, the Institute implemented its NLGI service classification as a means of identifying to the consumer the two highest performance levels: GC and LB; the combination, GC-LB, represents a multi-purpose category. In the future, NLGI will revise the system concurrently with any changes made to ASTM D 4950.
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    Re: Grease Compatibility?

    Very useful information.

    I'm paranoid and always clean out all traces of old grease before repacking, even if it's the same type of grease...


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      Re: Grease Compatibility?


      Thanks for the post, that's great information!