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It's tool inventory time!

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  • It's tool inventory time!

    Well, I had a moment of motivation and decided to organize my tool box.
    I cleaned, labeled, and properly placed all tools...
    I then realized I have five 1/2" combination wrenches!!!!

    I can understand having two but how did I end up with five?

    I have a gear-wrench ratchet type, two regular craftsman, a metrinch version, a craftsman speed type [no longer offered]

    After sorting the myriad of wrenches I then looked at the drawer of screwdrivers...oh my gosh just too many to list.

    The good news is I tossed all the worn, broken, unsafe tools. I did keep collectible ones like a pliers from my grandmother [and it still works well].

    So....all you tool pack rats out there , just for fun how many 1/2" combination wrenches do you have?

    Cactus Man

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    Re: It's tool inventory time!

    i DID THE SAME THING TODAY,But for the wrenches,1


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      Re: It's tool inventory time!

      I lost count...

      4 Snap-on drawers full of Snap-on and MAC combination, open-end, flare, you name it...

      I gave all my Crapsman stuff to my brother years ago - and I had a lot.

      I don't even know how many sockets I have, at least a dozen Snap-on ratchets, and probably every socket they make in chrome and impact.

      Did I mention I used to be a professional auto mechanic?


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        Re: It's tool inventory time!


        Is that Craps-Man or Kraps-Man? LMAO


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          Re: It's tool inventory time!

          depends if it's in English or Dutch!


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            Re: It's tool inventory time!

            Well I found 8 of them, scattered all over the place, the I thought why not count sockets, 13, 1/2" sockets. Since I don't through tools away, I better go get another one, I just don't like the number 13. Most of my hand tools I get from auctions, theres no telling what you will get when you buy a box full of junk for a dollar, I won't even think about counting screw drivers.
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              Re: It's tool inventory time!

              wrenches in the shops, currently in the metal shop, (now I am going by memory so I may miss a few,

              I think the original question was how many 1/2" wrenches do you have, so I will list the set of combination wrenches that I have around.

              In the shop, there are 3 open combination wrenches, in my American tool box,
              at lest 2 in my sons,
              there are 2 on the wall in the set for the laths and mill,
              there is open end set, in the laths tool box,
              (the tractors tool box is in the shop currently, Have to figure where to put it on the tractor yet since I mounted the loader on it),
              there are at lest two sets in the truck, and that is in the shop currently,
              that is 10.
              other locations on the place,
              there is a set on the wall in the generator shed,
              there are two sets in the wood shop,
              one in the 6 X6 truck,
              a set in the 53 ton and halve truck,
              in the wood shop, I have one of my grandfathers tool boxes and my dads tool box,
              in the van there is a set,
              in the house under the sink there is a set,
              that is 8 more, so at lest 18 sets. most of open box end sets.

              and that is not counting wrenchs for "skil type" saw arbors or the like.
              and my guess is I have missed a set or two,

              I don't have as many socket sets, in as many locations, but since there are 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4", and 1" drive sets, and different types of sockets, there are a number of them around,

              there are a few individual wrenches around for specific use machines
              such on the hamburger patty machine in the meat processing room it has a few wrenches for it, the meat grinder, the brake lath, and wrenches that are specialty wrenches, starter, or special bent units, and so forth,
              and I will not even start on the metric stuff,
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                Re: It's tool inventory time!

                I know I have purchased screwdrivers and wrench sets before, because I can find the receipts easier than I can find the actual tools. I must have a dozen #2 Phillips screwdrivers (not counting loose #2 tips). I can find a flathead when I need a Phillips and vice versa. I have moved my "main tool supply" between the garage and the basement several times over the years, depending on the hobby/mood Im in, whether it is motorcycles or woodworking, and how I feel about the neighborhood that week

                My biggest problem is tape measures. I can get them for free and I know I have many, but finding one when I need it is impossible. I came across a tape the other night that looked familiar, but I didnt know where it had been. I chewed out the 12 year old for having it, when she reminded me that I gave it to her. How she ever came across it I will never know


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                  Re: It's tool inventory time!

                  1/2" combination wrenches= 7. 1/2" wrenches= 16. 1/2" sockets=27(includes square head) About time to restock my tools I guess, thier getting hard to find.
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