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    Re: Plumbdog10, and Everyone


    this is YOUR forum,there is a plethera of wisdom and experience here for anyone who respects and does not abuse it.

    Immediately after dogs post other posters gave their support in your favor.So it looks to me as though you have some friends here who might see your not being here as a loss.

    I hope you will be able to see yourself staying on board,this truely is an extremely good crew.

    Have you ever been to somepersons house where the dog starts doing that silly alpha male thing to your leg.It always makes me laugh.Sometimes it seems like dogs do things to size one another up.Not the best trait for this forum but looks like alot of people have been tickled by the dog,as far as I can tell I think he barked up my tree a couple of times.

    This forum is another of your ridgid tools.It is,as far as I'm concerned,one of my favorite specialty tools.

    If you can give it another chance.

    Hope to see you soon.



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      Re: Plumbdog10, and Everyone

      Originally posted by Josh View Post
      I think GoFor's comments were tongue in cheek Everyone is free to post where they want. Ya do risk the dog barking a bit though.
      My comments were tongue in cheek when I posted, but I am having second thoughts. At the risk of getting on the majority's bad side, I am going to come down on Plumbdog's side on this on to some extent. My "logic"
      1. Ridgid is probably the benchmark in plumbing tools
      2. Professional plumbers will come to this site to discuss their trade and, if the mood strikes them, will offer free advice at their or their professional brothers' expense.
      3. They have been given a forum that is titled "Ask the plumbing experts"
      4. When someone who is not a professional answers a question on that forum, I do not see it wrong for the professionals to challenge their credibility.

      Garager may be like me. I click on "New Posts" and rarely look at what forum the post was made to. That is my failure, as I do not have the credentials to give advice on an "expert" forum, unless I prove my credibility. When I do notice that it is a professional forum, I try to make clear the fact that I am relating an experience, not offering professional advice, or it is in a related professional area where I do have credentials and expertise. I need to be more diligent, myself.
      Many have offered their opinions on the past posts, but I think we all have a responsibility to clarify our credentials on a subject when posting on a forum titled for the professionals in the trade. Without them, Ridgid probably would not bother hosting this website, because their dollars contribute more to the company bottom line than hobbyists and DIYrs like me.
      If I go into the 'Dog's territory without showing proper deference, I deserve to get bit, because I am making a mistake and should know better by now. Some of the newer people to the forum may not know, so my post stands at face value. Personally, I don't think a post that says "Oops, my bad!" demeans me or makes me less of a human being.

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        Re: Plumbdog10, and Everyone

        Gofor, I'm just trying to get past this now. In no way was I giving any advice, I have gone into the plumbing forum and asked for advice. Anybody can do this, if there is someone there that wants to respond, cool then. The topic of the thread was Ridgid story, get a calender, thats all I did was post a story. Maybe some people didn't care for my story, but it was one anyhow, thats all. I was in the general plumbing thread I believe, so it looked to me like that was fine to do. I have some years in the plumbing, but not a professional plumber. So I like to venture into their forum and see whats the latest materials and tools and to hear their stories. I am not trying to invade their territory sort of speak. They also come into the woodworking forums, not everybody does only one thing in life, I build houses and the plumbing and electrical is part of that process, so I better know what I'm talking about when I meet with these guys, or gals. I also go to the electrical forum, for research and their stories, and I believe I have every right to do this and to be able to participate in them, and I will. Now if they don't want to include me, because I don't have that one particular license that is all up to them. I learned a good lesson here, and that is to stand my ground from now on. But before I start to run off with my mouth, if I have to, I'll kick back and think about what I should say before I offend someone or this Ridgid forum. The last thing I want to do here in this forum is to create enemies, I think everyone here is just great, I was really bummed that I made that stupid decision of leaving, every time I sat down at my computer I wanted to come here. Then I was embarrassed for doing what I did, I made a mistake and learned from it, now lets all stay friends and move on, thanks for listening... Garager...
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          Re: Plumbdog10, and Everyone

          ok everyone; group hug


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            Re: Plumbdog10, and Everyone

            i did pluming for over 15 yrs and just because it was 7 yrs that i started doing HAVOC full time and the place i did plumbing i worked under a master plumber license and never had one my self does not mean i cant give advice .

            and if some one that does have a current license to do plumbing does not give them the right to put down some ones advice .every state ,county ,and town has there way they want it don so no one will know it all .

            and that is the way for all trades.

            so if some one does not like the way some one gave advice or made a comment then say what you think is right and end it do not drag it on .

            or people will find some were else to go ,nobody likes a bully

            thats my 2 cents

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              Re: Plumbdog10, and Everyone

              Originally posted by Woussko View Post
              Garager may be leaving for more than just one reason. He might be back under a new name sometime. Sometimes members to get into howling, but for someone to up and leave normally is because of more. I have seen where the same person has 2 or more names because of having different ISP service. Say one for at work and another when at home. I hope things didn't/don't get too personal. I howl and bark and growl way too much myself. If it bothers anyone, just command me to shut up and run to my "Old Hound Hut" and off I go. I hope Garager reads what Josh posted. His custom made RIDGID race car really is nice and shows the kind of work he can produce. GOOD JOB
              well said Allan