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Garager's tile mistake

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  • Garager's tile mistake

    About one month ago I laid down my quarry tiles, Put on two coats of sealer, wiping down after each coat to get off the extra. Waited two days latter then covered it up w/cardboard, I knew I wouldn't be getting back on it for a while. This floor is in my new passive solar front porch I built. So last Wednesday I took off the cardboard and washed the floor then added another coat of sealer. Wiped off the excessive sealer and let it dry till Friday. Now it's Friday and I did the grouting, when I'm taking off the film it looks like the tiles are stained from the grout. Saturday comes around and I finished getting the rest of the film from grout off, and sure as heck, my tiles are stained.

    Called up some tile layer friends of mine and went on tile forums, everybody is telling me I will need to do an acid cleaning, done it before and it SUCKS, no way did I want to do this. The pictures should show how bad the problem is. Well, I use this stuff called Lloyds formula 99 super degreaser for my saw blades, work's 100% on cleaning them. I remembered that the bottle said it will clean concrete, so I grabbed the bottle and sprayed some on a tile, I let it sit for 30 seconds and used a brillow pad and scrubbed lightly. Man did this stuff work great, everything came clean. Tried it on some more tiles and couldn't believe what it was doing. Now if anybody here has any idea what its like to get a stain out of tiles or stone, its almost impossible. If the acid cleaning wouldn't have worked then it would have been grinding down the tiles or replacing the floor. I will swear by this stuff its incredible. Saved me so much more work and money, since this stuff is only $4.00 a bottle. I once spilled a cup of coffee on my truck carpet, and didn't get around to cleaning it up for 4 months. Lloyds carpet cleaner says spray it on and scrub it in then wipe off, before I could grab the scrub brush I watched the stain just disappeared, no jive. Great, great stuff, I should be buying there stocks and its made here in MN. The cleaning of the tiles was amazing, let me tell you I was really nervous when I saw my tiles were stained. Happy ending do happen.

    In case your wondering what that black thing on my floor is, thats my floor grate, when you come into the front porch you can stomp your feet that has snow or grass or sand or mud. Then it falls into a pan underneath and water will drain outside from pvc piping. I saw this in Sweden, alot of their houses have this in their entryway. Neat little concept, I think I'm the only one in this town and maybe the state that has on, with the exception of commercial buildings. I'll take interior and exterior pictures when I'm done. The concept of passive solar is top notch, use the sun store the heat and use the heat for your house. Thanks for reading this long post and I hope the pictures come through, had trouble with this set. And I'm glad to be back and to stay!!!!!!!
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    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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    Re: Garager's tile mistake

    Looks like it worked great, thanks for sharing that solution. I have never had to acid wash tile butI have been on jobs where it has been done...I wouldn't want that job no way.
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      Re: Garager's tile mistake

      I would look into stock on Lloyds and maybe buy a few shares if they do trade on the open market. I wonder what floor wax stripper would have done if you tried that. The cleaned up tile looks great. Now the task is to keep it nice. Your boot cleaner grate looks like another great idea and product.