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    Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
    This kinda goes along with some other suggestions made earlier, but I would like to see a chat with or a post from someone in marketing or sales which can enlighten us on the strategy currently in place whereby there are few if any accessories available in the store (HD). Since RIDGID has made the choice to market their WW'ing Power Tools through one retailer why is the full line not available through them? Why in so many cases are the salespeople "out of the loop" and have little is any knowledge about the new tools coming out or the status of the current line? Why are accessories essential to performing operations safely on the tool not available for purchase with the tool or included with the tool? Why after a couple years is the manual boxed with the TS-3650 not updated or replaced with the one on the web site which has better information on setting up the TS?
    • When people are looking to other manufacturers to purchase riser kits for their BS something is wrong.
    • When people come on here (the Forum) asking where they can find this or that accessory something is wrong.
    • When the average person can not figure out the assembly of a tool from the included instructions and has to resort to asking for help from venues such as the Forum (not that I am against helping them via the Forum) there is a problem somewhere.
    • When a potential purchaser goes to the one place where they can buy a RIDGID WW'ing Tool and the salespeople can't answer their questions something is wrong.
    • When someone does manage to order a part or accessory why is the wait so long?
    So could someone post how RIDGID or HD thinks the current marketing strategy benefits the Consumer or RIDGID? Or maybe join in or even just monitor a scheduled chat about this subject if you can't join in for whatever reason and carry back to management what the general consensus of the forum users is on the subject? This would be a small sample but I would think would mimic what you would find across your entire customer base within a few percentage points.

    I know I jump on RIDGID for subjects like this now and then, but if management is not asking these questions of their organization then something is really wrong. I keep bringing it up because I am not seeing any change (positive or negative) over the 3 years I have been on this Forum. If you're moving that slow you'll be bankrupt before you react to the needs of your customers. I'm not interested in seeing RIDGID go under or continue to accumulate the negative opinions generated by their own inaction. I'm trying to wake someone up in the organization and help improve their position in the market. RIDGID might have entered into an agreement for TTI to market WW'ing tools under the RIDGID name. but I think RIDGID has a right and responsibility to itself to ensure that TTI does not damage that name in the process. Because long after the agreement with TTI has been severed for whatever reason, RIDGID is the one who will have to go forward with the tarnished reputation, not TTI. No one (for the most part) knows anything about TTI's part in the process, as far as the average consumer knows it's RIDGID who is manufacturing and selling the tools.
    Very to the point, Bob. I sometimes think old school plumbers and fitters such as us worry more about the Ridgid reputation then they do.
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      Nothing gets me upset more than the "grab the money and run" attitude of the corporate officers these days. Look at Detroit and Pittsburgh and what they are now, a shell of what they were (world leaders in their markets). No investment in the future of the company; where their future employees will come from; or in ensuring the future of those who helped get them there. It's not Labor's fault it's their own. They failed to listen to the market and react or to read it correctly and choose not to implement the changes that were needed.

      They make it look like (on paper) that pension funds are sound then gut them like a fish, leaving enough to keep the fund going for a year or two before the house of cards falls in on itself giving them time to bail out with a pocket full of money they don't deserve as soon as they can land another fish (corporation). Meanwhile the Federal Government ends up taking over the defaulted pension fund and propping it up with everyones tax dollars.
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        A topic we will sure need later on when the time is right will be Welcome Back Old Slow Chevy.


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          what did he leave, I dint notice