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    I have read a few posts about products that are not up on So this is how it works. Please let me know which products are missing off the site. We are currently working on a process for more quickly updating information on the tools that HD carries but we still have room to grow. Until we get our crap together, let me know what we dont have up there.



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    Re: Missing Product List

    I had a heck of a time the other day finding the AC9933 Flip Top Stand. When I would type the model number into the search box it couldn't find it.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      Re: Missing Product List

      Good evening Josh, I have sitting here next to my keyboard a R842301,
      the 18V impact driver.
      I never saw this tool at any of the home Depot stores in Phoenix Metro.
      I never saw this tool on the Home Depot official website.
      I have not been able to find this tool on the ridgid website.
      I even called Ridgid customer service and they were totally unaware such a tool even existed!
      None of the other Ridgid distributors had it listed on their websites.

      I purchased this tool via E-BAY after reading a variety of discussions on this forum. I am using the 18V 2.5A batteries that I purchased via E-BAY as home Depot does not carry them, know of them, or even show them in the store computer. The E-BAY pricing was amazing too.

      The 18V impact driver with the 18V 2.5A is an excellent tool. I'm a weekend warrior but I have found the design of this driver excellent. I have actually just about retired my 18V drill as the impact driver does just about everything I toss at it.

      I find this forum a very valuable tool, aside from the bullies and instigators!
      I appreciate the professional quality of those answering questions no matter
      what level the person asking is at..meaning a beginner or a pro....

      I just find it very frustrating to read about Ridgid products and then be unable to purchase one at a store that states they are the official Ridgid distributor!

      I have even gone through the list of "other" Ridgid distributors via this website, but they mostly seem to carry the Ridgid
      plumbing product line.

      Why can't Home Depot and Ridgid get on the same page?

      Recently, I purchased the 16ga pneumatic finish nailer and the 18ga brad nailer. The salesperson had no clue about any promotions...
      I won't even go into a rant about his inability to help find the appropriate nails for the guns!
      The fellow at the service desk had no clue about the confusing lifetime warranty process.
      I actually had a woman cashier explain the cash rebate promotion and how it worked. she left her register and took 5 minutes to make sure I was fully aware of the program.. She could not locate lifetime warranty cards, but did notice tucked away a poster about the program. The sales guy took his lunch and disappeared not interested in learning the product or product line.

      Bottom line..I am very satisfied with the ridgid line of tools but the hassle of trying to buy one is just awful!


      Cactus Man
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