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12" Compound Saw Blade Wobble

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  • 12" Compound Saw Blade Wobble

    A couple of months ago I bought a Rigid 12" compound sliding miter saw. I've owned and used saws over the years, but this one has me baffled.

    A couple of seconds after the blade is up to speed, the blade seems to deflect or wobble, then spins true, then wobbles again. There doesn't seem to be any excessive vibration due to out of balance blade, there are not teeth missing on the blade. It just does this little wobble out of nowhere. Makes accurate cuts a real challenge.

    It this something common to 12" blades. I've never seen this before on 10" models. Could it have something to do with the laser sight?

    I've check all the bolts and nuts I can touch, but it's still there.

    I'm stumped.


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    Re: 12" Compound Saw Blade Wobble

    I don't have a 12" MS, but the fact that the wobble comes and goes may have to do with the power coming to the saw. If you are running it on an extension cord that is too long/too small a guage, or, more likely, on a circuit where other items are kicking on or off (i.e. freezer, AC, other power tools, etc), you may be seeing the results of power fluctuations affecting the saw motor. The higher amp requirements of todays more powerful motors may be causing a problem where a previous tool that pulled less amperage wasn't affected.

    Just a thought as you wait for those that own them to respond.

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      Re: 12" Compound Saw Blade Wobble

      I have a 12in. sliding DeWalt, never had a problem with it.



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        Re: 12" Compound Saw Blade Wobble

        I have the Ridgid 12" slider. Have had for approx 4 months. I installed a Forrest chopmaster on it and no probs.