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Help!Minwaxed and so sorry

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  • Help!Minwaxed and so sorry

    I, foolishly, minwaxed my new oak cabinets after staining them rather than clear coating them with a varnish. I have a lot of uncovered windows in my kitchen and the sunlight does not bare favorably on the wax. I now have to remove the wax and restain the cabinets and finish them with something other than wax. Hopefully something that will hold up much better and for a much longer period of time. My problem is that I do not know what to use to remove the wax or even if it can be done with any success. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to go to the minwax web site and have been unable to get on there, so that has been of no help.

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    Re: Help!Minwaxed and so sorry

    this is more for heavyer candle wax but it might be of some help.
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      Re: Help!Minwaxed and so sorry

      I use mineral spirits to remove the wax from my table saw when I want to redo the saws cast iron table top and start from scratch. I also use it to remove any sawdust residue from my projects just prior to staining. However, I'm not quite sure how already stained wood will react to the mineral spirits but maybe someone knows.
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        Re: Help!Minwaxed and so sorry

        Mineral spirits would be my choice as well, alcohol may also work. I would stain some scrap, wax it, remove the wax (mineral spirits or alcohol), then use some polyurethane (or other finish) on it and see how it all turns out before trying it on the cabinets.
        You are talking about Minwax Paste Wax right?


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          Re: Help!Minwaxed and so sorry

          I've used both of these products to remove wax: Goo Off and Formby's Build-up Remover. The Goo Off works great removing the ironed on wax from ski bottoms (UHMW) for both cleaning and making melt on repairs.

          I used the Formby's to remove paste wax from a pine table that had been stained and then waxed. Following the removal I painted the table (legs & apron) with a milk paint and covered with poly. No problems with residual wax.


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            Re: Help!Minwaxed and so sorry

            Wow, that sounds like a real nightmare! Any finish will "fisheye" when applied over wax or any silicon product. Like what was suggested before, make up a large sample piece and duplicate what you've done so far, then try wiping it down REAL GOOD with paint thinner and let dry, then try polyurathane. If the wax is deep in the grain, it may not work no matter how well you clean them.

            Lacquer thinner might work good too, plus it dries a lot faster. The problem with EITHER of them is you may end up removing stain too, giving a real blotchy look when done. You may need to re-stain after the cleaning is done.

            You can also log onto the Minwax site and post in the forums and hopefully get some good info too.

            (maybe make up a couple samples!!! LOL)

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