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  • Ridgid Lifetime Service

    I was researching the Ridgid lifetime service agreement online after my local Home Depot store could not tell me much about it, and I was interested in purchasing a compound miter saw. According to the Ridgid online information, in order to obtain the 'limited time availability' lifetime service agreement, you have to register by a date in 2005. It seems odd to me that Ridgid would take the time to update their prices, but not the service agreement. So, you have lost me as a customer. I do not like companies who prey on consumers with faulty advertising. I am an employee of the Federal government, and will let everyone I know and meet that I believe that this is fraud.
    Houston, TX

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    Re: Ridgid Lifetime Service

    Not sure what you're referring too when you reference that 2005 date and frankly I could care less. If the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement was a major point in your consideration of what saw you might buy and you didn't take 5 minutes call the toll free Customer Service line and ask whether that 2005 date is correct then the only loser in this deal was you.

    As for you being an employee of the Federal government, so what! Every single taxpayer in this country works for the Federal government just by paying their taxes. The only difference is that most of us don't have nearly as good a health care program or retirement package as you do.

    It's obvious you're nothing but a pot stirrer but then as a Federal employee that probably is a role you are quite used too.
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