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    I have never had to use RIDGID's online ordering system for any parts.

    But I just finished ordering some brushes and a new blade for my hedge trimmer, a B&D Commercial Model I have had for a number of years. It still works fine except for needing new brushes. The B&D/DeWalt ServiceNet order site is quick and virtually painless, with a quick search feature that had me viewing an exploded drawing of my trimmer in about a minute, and below it a list of all the parts still available with prices and the required quantities. I ordered the new brushes, holders, springs, the blade and two new bearings and was done in less than five minutes. Even though the bearings are not screaming yet I figure they are close so might as well swap them out now, the bearings were less than $2 each.

    I hope that parts orders on RIDGID's site go as smooth if I ever need to order something from them.
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    Re: Online parts ordering

    I also like the Service Net site and have been happy with the prompt service. For future info, the only area that gets confusing is sanders, particularly random orbital types. They have several different categories (ie sanders, random orbital sanders, and orbital sanders) You may have to visit all three to find your brand name and model number.
    I also like the feature that you can select an item and add it to your list and then come back to the site to order at a later date. I think they hold a pending order for up to 60 days before they dump it.
    You can also use the parts breakdowns to compare two models of a tool to see what the real differences in parts are. I was ale to convert a non vacuum sander to a vacuum sander because the only difference between the model numbers was the vacuum shroud piece itself.

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