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  • Another LSA ?

    Ok, sent in the info card for my wet vac, received my LSA card almost right away, but of course nothing in my box, I don't think its because they over looked it, I don't think they can. Try adding (registering) a wet vac to your box, its impossible I think, they have all the tools and everything to add, but not the wet vac's. Josh any explanation on this one, I'll call customer service on Monday if I get a chance. Maybe it doesn't matter on the wet vac's.
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    Re: Another LSA ?


    I believe the shop vacs are covered under a different warranty and not the LLSA. The shop vacs are made by Ridgid, here in the USA and are covered for the life of the product against manufacturing defects. The woodworking power tools are produced by TTI under a licensing agreement with Ridgid. The "Ridgid" LLSA is issued and backed by TTI, I believe.

    Being a consumer in a global economy can be challenging, as it is not always clear who makes it where and who services it when, or who backs you up come what.