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  • fireman rick

    i always wanted to be a fireman. but playing with water is the closes that i was going to get.

    until today on my drive home from my last job of the day, on a very busy street in beverly hills (didn't say i live there, just passing through) i saw a car just a couple of hundred feet ahead stopped and billowing smoke

    well i grabbed my 2 very handy fire extinguisher and attempted to put it out.

    since the fire was under the hood and i knew better than to pop the hood. i just aimed up into the engine compartment.

    well, no luck. i noticed a hose bibb within range of my 50' hose in the truck and then took aim at the car again. by now the street was blocked by traffic and 2 undercover b.h. cops the sirens were coming my way.

    i gave it my best shot, but a 5/8'' hose was no match for a 2.5'' fire hose and truck.

    the funniest was when the fire dept. attempted to pop open the hood. by now there were a dozen onlookers watching as the entire street was already closed and traffic diverted. it took the 4 firemen over 10 minutes with 2 pry bars and a sledge hammer to open the hood of a 1991 buick

    he must have been driving through too

    but since it's beverly hills, and you would expect better
    the job that i just came from in b.h. had a brand new (20 miles) mercedes mcclaren $450,000 614 horsepower, twin turbo, carbon fiber car with gull wing doors.

    better yet, owned by a 21 year old. now he wants to sell his v12 600 mercedes.

    only in beverly hills

    phoebe it is

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    Re: fireman rick

    Yup, sometimes getting hoods open can be a pain. That is why I LOVE my hood penetrator. One good swing and it punches through the top of the hood, hook up and 1 1/2 and let it rip


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      Re: fireman rick

      Thats wierd,we just had station 71 out to our job yesterday directing traffic on Pacific Coast Highway after we had popped a bad joint under the highway when we accidentally hammered the water service we had just installed
      Nice guys, totally relaxed as chaos went on with people trying to dodge ground water and other obstacles.


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        Re: fireman rick

        I take it you enjoyed the experience?

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