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Spent the holiday (CDN) in emergency :(

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  • Spent the holiday (CDN) in emergency :(

    Don't panic - but a strage story.

    I have been deckbuilding in my backyard for about a week and have worked many long hours - every evening from about 4:30 until sundown, as well as all last weekend and all this long weekend (well its a long weekend for canadians anyways).

    So, of course, i have been running all my saws (TS, JS, CSMS) and lots of other potentially dangerous tools. In fact my neighbour came over to have a few fence boards ripped and i made him wear safety glasses, muffs, use the blade gaurd and featherboards, etc. I am always very safety conscious.

    I also never drink when operating tools.

    So after a hard days work of cutting stair stringers, I decided to have a few friends over to have some burgers and then play a game of golf at the local course. I started the BBQ and grabbed some burgers.

    Then it happened.

    I used a spatula to "unstick" some frozen burgers, forgetting that the BBQ spatula had a knife edge. The burger broke free and the knife spatual slipped, cutting into my thumb (nail and all) about a 1/2". I spent 3 hours in emergency waiting for stitches.

    Now as i type this with 9 didgits and a heavily bandaged thumb, I am reflecting on all the safety measures that we use.

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    Re: Spent the holiday (CDN) in emergency

    Originally posted by franklin pug View Post
    I also never drink when operating tools.
    Now come the big questions:

    1. Is the BBQ considered a tool?
    2. Were you drinking when this happend?

    Not to make light of your situation Franklin Pug. I can easily see myself doing something just like that, but I do tend to imbibe (probably more than I should) when gathering around a grill/BBQ. Hope you heal up and get better soon!
    Still enjoying all 10 fingers!