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Ridgid Wet-Dry Vac connector issue

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  • Ridgid Wet-Dry Vac connector issue

    I just bought a WD06350 Wet-Dry Vacuum. There were a few reasons for buying this model. Mind you this is for at home application.

    -caster wheels
    -6 gallon size
    -Hepa filter available

    I would like to know which connections work with this model. I brought one of the solid tubes to home depot and tried connecting all of the available attachments on the shelf. None of them worked. Where can I get the reducers or attachments that fit this model.

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    Re: Ridgid Wet-Dry Vac connector issue

    Welcome to the forums, Momaruma.

    The official Ridgid parts accessories for the vac are here...
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: Ridgid Wet-Dry Vac connector issue

      From what I have seen on the RIDGID web site it looks like you have been cursed with the darn 1-7/8" size hose which they use on a few other models. Why they do it is beyond me. Most likely the machine has the more standard inlet size that's close to 2-1/2" and thus you can change the hose over to one for either the larger more standard attachments or go down to 1-1/4 attachments much like on a home owner vacuum cleaner. ShopVac (brand) makes an adaptor but it's not going to be helpful for your needs. I recommend measuring both ends (outside diameter) of your hose. Note the inlet end size and try to obtain a second hose with either the same size on both ends or one end to fit into the drum or lid inlet and the other end with an O.D. of 1-1/8 tapering up to 1-1/4 inches. Please note that the inside diameter of the hose will not be the same as the fittings.

      What I would really do if the machine is brand new is to exchange it for one that has the more standard size hose. Ridgid really made a mess by using the odd-ball size hose and attachments for a few models. This only gets the owner of these upset.

      From what I see on their site it looks like the machines 3-6 gallon size now use the coo coo hoses. The 9 gallon model WD0945 and up use the more standard hose. Now if you want to be brave you should be able to order this special hose and attachment kit from ShopVac Corp. which comes with several hose adaptors. It's a sort of workaround that works.

      You'll then be able to use any normal 1-1/4 size attachment."+Accessories

      If you need the larger 2-1/2 (really it's more like 2" inside) size hose then you might want to give one of these kits a try."+Accessories Look near the bottom of the list for kits that include a hose.

      I've found that ordering form the RIDGID web site takes a very long time for the order to arrive.

      I really need to obtain one of the Ridgid brand hoses they call 1-7/8" size and work with all kinds of adaptors until I find one that does well as a workaround to the problem. For my machines, I stayed with more standard size hoses and attachments and thus don't have to deal with it.

      This is where RIDGID lists the attachments for the size you need, but again don't plan to be able to have them soon.
      You might prowl Home Depot as they may have some in stock at another location.
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