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  • Whirl Pool or any chest freezer

    Well folks, I pretty much know my thoughts, I would really appreciate your views on chest freezers. I won't bore you with all the deails, just the particulars.

    Friends of mine received a free Whirl Pool chest freezeer, 14 cu. ft. after a purchase of x amount of meat from a certain company. The company is question, delivers and unpackaged the "frost free" freezer, put it in to position, plugged it in and then filled it with 60 boxes frozen meat with in 20 minutes.

    Now, I should add, when they set the freezer up, they left the packing cardboard and styrofoam on the bottom of the unit.

    The freezer, even set on high for 12 days, never got below 42 degrees, developed a 3/4 thick rim of frost on the front side and the side opposite of the compressor only, that was maybe 2 inches in length (up to down).

    After 12 days, all the meat had thawed (don't ask, and even longer sotry involving lawyers, police and......)

    With my knowledge in HVAC and compressors, I know to recover the air to reach the desired temp set and cycle, the compressor would haver to run continuously.

    I only entered the situation two days ago and the compressor was not running,never came on, though I could hear the water cirulating.

    Since this involved a company, I did not attempt to do anything with the unit, they just agreed to go ahead and replace it with a new one. While I know sometimes you get a clunker, I do wonder.....

    In your opinions, do you think the above actions, under lined, could have caused a failure of the unit? Do you think the freezer did actually work, but the temerature sensor was fouled or fooled, by the 60 boxes of frozen meat?

    Could the card board & styrofoam have caused the failure of the bottom plate?

    Inquiring minds want to know.. thoughts?

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    Re: Whirl Pool or any chest freezer

    My uneducated guess would be the cardboard and styrofoam are likely the problem. Would the compressor shut down if it overheated (poor air circulation)???