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Musicians... What do you play

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    Re: Musicians... What do you play

    Originally posted by VASandy View Post
    Flute and guitar here. Flute in HS and some in college...don't touch it much these days, but I do remember some of it! Hubby's the musician with at least 8 guitars and a full recording studio. He and a couple neighbors have a loose group that plays at times. You can see one of their latest gigs here:

    As far as guitarists go, I still think Jeff Beck and his band is one of the best out there. Along with Imogean Heap, their version of "Rollin and Tumblin" is really rockin! Check out the CD, "You Had it Coming" if you get a chance.
    really good tunes VA your hubby and band gonna go pro?


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      Re: Musicians... What do you play

      VASandy, nice cut. i was expecting the Buddy Miles tune but a nice change of pace.

      BTW, what strat is that? and what amps were used? pedals? you know, the usual stuff......

      In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!


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        Re: Musicians... What do you play

        Well, I'm not sure what all Alan was playing actually. My hubby plays bass in that group.

        Mike's website is
        Alan's site is being updated, but it's
        Don's website is

        I hope they'll be playing again soon!
        I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.