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Anyone familiar with "granite transformations"???

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  • Anyone familiar with "granite transformations"???

    Here in metro Phoenix there was an ad for Granite Transformations.

    This is a product designed to "fit over" your existing counter.
    The website and photos look interesting.

    The time from measuring to installation can be as brief as three days. The best part is you do not loose your kitchen during the process.

    Visit the website please, then come back here with your thoughts and comments.

    I called the company to get an idea as to price and of course I received the hard sell.."gotta come out to give you an estimate" etc.

    I just wanted to get a ballpark idea as to cost per linear foot..installed or not. They would not give me that, rather they told me a typical kitchen in Phoenix starts at $$$4000.00!!! I suspect my 1966 vintage "U" shape counters will run closer to ten thousand. Typically any ads here are bait and switch..

    finally has anyone had this product installed in their kitchen?
    Can you review the experience and overall opinion of this system?

    Any input is appreciated.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Anyone familiar with "granite transformations"???

    4G's!!!!....for a thin countertop cover. I looked into a lot of surfaces when we remodeled our kitchen. The problem with all the "engineered" countertops is they are fragile...especially to heat. On a real granite countertop you do not have to worry about where you lay that scolding hot pan. Also, the issue with stains and sealing is overblown. If you get a surface with lots of variety in color it is nearly impossible to see stains and a once a year sealing is more than enough protection. The sealing is about the easiest surface treatment you will ever do. Clean, apply sealer, rub off excess...done. Granite was one of the best decisions we've ever made....and the entire job cost maybe $7K...and we have a huge countertop with attached bar and separate island.