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Home Depot store VS home Depot website VS Ridgid website

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  • Home Depot store VS home Depot website VS Ridgid website

    I think you all get the flavor of this rant by the title.

    For example:

    I look on this site for the R150FSA Crown Stapler, and I see information.

    I look at the Home Depot website and NOTHING!

    I go to a few local Home Depot stores and I see the RF150FSA on the shelf.
    I won't even go into the fact that Home Depot's selection of staples for this stapler is just awful!

    If Ridgid is primarily carried by Home Depot, and Home Depot sells "stuff" via their website, how can we loyal [??] customers get them to all work together?

    I find it extremely frustrating seeing a Ridgid tool and then be unable to find it except on E-BAY!!!!! I see all lithium batteries and tools on E-bay and minimal at home Depot or on their website.

    Anyone from Ridgid or Home Depot reading this ??????
    Do you folks realize how much BUSINESS/SALES/MONEY you are losing?????

    Oh, and Home Depot....if you carry a product how about also carrying the disposables!!!!

    For example:
    the R848 planer tool..what good is it if I can't get replacement blades where they sell the tool? You end up deciding to buy another brand or go to a different retail store to buy a planer just because if you need replacement blades they have them!

    It is very inconvenient to have to use the Internet to always buy disposables!

    Another example? you ask....

    OK, The EB4424 oscillating sander! A wonderful design but without having disposables [sanding drums that fit] it's a worthless tool!
    Oops I dropped a throat plate and I need a new we go again searching the Internet for a piece that should be on the shelf!

    You seem to stock plenty of Ridgid vacuum accessories why not assign a shelf for Ridgid disposables and support the tools you exclusively sell?

    Do I sound angry? You bet! I really have become loyal to Ridgid products. I find that the Ridgid line of tools are quite good. I am just tired of having blank stares from home Depot flunkies...I remember when home Depot sales associates were actually knowledgeable of the product lines and areas they are assigned too..such as the tool area had a guy who could tell you the pros and cons of tool A VS tool B etc. Today he can't even say stapler in English!!!!!!!

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Home Depot store VS home Depot website VS Ridgid website

    C'mon man...
    Tell us how you REALLY feel...LOL
    I agree - that is something Ridgid could do better - as is their AWFUL record (at least with people I know) for warranty service (still waiting for my 18V drill - but that is another thread...LOL)


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      Re: Home Depot store VS home Depot website VS Ridgid website

      Sounds like you've been visiting my local home dump. of course, per corporate policy, no large machines on display. If you are lucky enough to find one in the box that is not on the top shelf, the box is so beat up and filthy, you can hardly tell what it is. Of course there is a whole segregated section for the Hilti tools, but Ridgid is spread out wherever there is a hole to fill.

      I've learned a lot from my past experiences.
      I've learned nothing from my passed experiences.


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        Re: Home Depot store VS home Depot website VS Ridgid website

        Keyword: HUGE MESS


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          Re: Home Depot store VS home Depot website VS Ridgid website

          I find HD handy at 8pm when I get an emergency heat call and realize I have no circulators....and I can grab one of the two already opened boxes off the shelf with missing pieces.
          I also find it handy for other stock at those late long as the store plumbing guy doesn't get too upset when I try to interupt his tutorial on how to repipe an entire house...when all I wanna know is where the 1-1/4" tailpieces are...and why they aren't in the same aisle as the 1-1/2" tailpieces. (I think they want ya to wander around...get side tracked and buy stuff...ya think?)
          If ridgid would find the wherewithall to open a "box" store my money goes that they'd use common sense and set up things the way a PRO needs them.
          Afterall, they have a pretty damn good track record with the whole tool thing...ya think?


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            Re: Home Depot store VS home Depot website VS Ridgid website

            Yep, I have to admit that all that has been said is true in my local HD too!

            Unfortunately I don't think there's a logical mind anywhere in the business management. Things just don't seem to be right with any of the departments.

            I've noticed that my local store carries no sanding discs for the Ryobi bench-top belt/disc sander! They only carry 1/4" blades for the Ryobi 9-inch bandsaw... but do carry two types of metal cutting blades that fit it (logical, considering the cutting metal with the BS902 is NOT recommended). They carry some other size bandsaw blades too... but they won't fit any of the bandsaws that HD sells.

            Seems like every time I go to buy sanding discs they are out of the one grit that I'm looking for. Their disposible inventory is worse than Walmart's.

            Tough situation,


            Today I called the Atlanta HQ to question whether or not their policy was to sell all the old products before they placed the new models on the shelf. I've witnessed this four times, with the most recent incident being my purchase of the TP1300 thickness planer. I asked both the service desk and the salesman if they had the new one and was told they probably wouldn't get it for months. So, not knowing whether the new 4330 would be a downgrade or not, I proceeded to buy the TP 1300 (the 4330 hadn't been posted to this website yet).

            The purchase was in the afternoon and I returned to the store the next morning to get an extra set of blades for stock. Well, seeing that I bought the last 1300... there sat the new 4330 (which they said they didn't have).

            So what's the policy? It doesn't seem right that a customer should buy a product, pay full price and think they're getting the latest and greatest... when in fact the store may well have something newer waiting in the wings. In the case of the plainer, I'm not concerned because I think the 1300 is a proven winner. But what about other customers who may not keep up with such things?

            Well after my call to Atlanta I was transferred to the local store manager. He said that they have "no idea" of whether a product is new or not. It's just inventory that comes in and new products have the same sku# as the product it replaces. They don't concern themselves with model numbers, etc. He'd gladly let me exchange it if I wished (I don't), but the answer just seemed his way of pleading total ignorance and/or any responsibility for any product knowledge. One helluva way to run a retail store IMO! Obviously, Atlanta doesn't give a squat either. Seems almost like "fraud" to me. I wouldn't think a car dealership could get away with selling an outdated vehicle as new, and I don't think it's right that Home Depot, or anyone else, should sell a product as when there is actually a newer model in the market. Such things should be marked as clearance, mark-down, or whatever.

            My store still has the old Ryobi 12-inch bench drill press. The new variable speed, laser unit was announced in April '06 and I understand is has been in some stores for almost a year now; but my local store is still selling the older model for full price. Something is simply not right with HD and I'm beginning to wonder how many other products are managed in the same manner.



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              Re: Home Depot store VS home Depot website VS Ridgid website

              Sadly the box box stores only care about "Makka Dee Money, Makka Dee Money, Makka Dee Money" and nothing else. Big deal if they anger some of their smarter customers as long as the money keeps flowing in. Maybe it's time customers learn how to go on strike (boycott) stores that treat them as *** and never buy there again. When a big company goes bust then greedy people in charge wake up.


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                Re: Home Depot store VS home Depot website VS Ridgid website

                If you want HD to hear you send your email here:

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                  Re: Home Depot store VS home Depot website VS Ridgid website

                  Bob D.,

                  Thanks for the E-mail address, I will be writing them today!!

                  Thanks again,