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Just a thought about Ridgid Chat

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    Re: Just a thought about Ridgid Chat


    As it turns out the monitor was DVD-ready meaning it was not included but could be added. As I only use the ToolCase Monitors and patch to a digital camcorder to save the image onto a flash card the monitor is of no use to me. Let me know if you need a 10th monitor and we will work something out.

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      Re: Just a thought about Ridgid Chat

      Originally posted by garager View Post
      Well lets see, the last time I entered. Everybody was in Plumbing, being that I am a Woodbutcher and not a plumber, I stayed out of every bodies way. If there are no one in woodworking no sense on staying there. I do check most nights for woodworkers or lounge, no activities.
      I'd wager 80% of our chat is non plumbing...I'd guess the only thing anyone might bark at is if there were a several guys going on about dovetails, dado's and biscuit joiners.


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        Re: Just a thought about Ridgid Chat

        Mmmmmmmm...biscuits...with dado gravy...grilled dovetail...I like mine planer than most...cook 'em til they're ridgid...
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