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    Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

    So far Mag-Lite only has the LED kits for 2, 3 or 4 cell flashlights. I should warn everyone that there are FAKE ones of these out that are really crap. I did get one of the real 2 cell LED kits and installed it in my 2 D cell Mag-Lite flashlight. It sure is much brighter and it's a nice crisp blue-white light. Big Difference. I haven't given it a long run test yet to see if they get too hot or what battery life is like.

    While a bit off subject and this is big $$$, if you can see one of these lit up, it will about blow your mind about rechargable hand held work lights. This bad dog is super powererful. I got to try one the other day at a local fire equipment dealership. I doubt I'll be wanting/needing one of them, but it's nice to daydream. LOL


    (See video on it - Sound is not good, so maybe just watch it)
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