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  • Mag-lte Bulb Where

    Does anyone have an Idea where one could find replacement bulbs for the 6-cell Mag-lite.

    We are leaving for a camping trip in bear country this Wed..Just checked it this morning for function,as camping is about the only thing this lite is good for,other than an assault weapon.

    Don't think I have time to order over internet,maybe overnite(overnight).

    If we use internet,who do you guy's trust.



    p.s. don't kill yourselves over it Mag is outdated,Just not enough time to research a good distance beam light.

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    Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

    This is the part number you want LWSA601 or MAGLMSA601 form Mag-Lite (second one is brighter)

    You can also use a PR18 bulb from GE or Phillips (works but not as bright but not dim either)

    I do know of an industrial supply house that has good stock of the Mag-Lite part, but they have minimum order requirements of $25 total order before shipping. They have about anything and everything you might want for other jobs so it might be worth a call. They ship very fast and could send it UPS Overnight but here goes the big $$$. This is a last resort, I think. MSC Industrial Supply Co. Inc. 1-800-645-7270 and their catalog number is 06526479

    I would try places like ACE Hardware and other good hardware and camping stores first.

    A place that's done well for me is called Bright Guy. They are big into all manor of flashlights and related stuff. They are mostly online sales, but you can give them a call at 1-888-881-1908 and tell them it's urgent. (6 D cell flashlight by Mag-Lite) (Magnum Star bright bulbs for it)
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      Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

      I've seen HD's stock a lot of maglite replacement bulbs.


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        Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where


        Grainger has them in their catalog as number 3JL13 and they have branches all over. You might call your local branch and ask if they have any in stock.

        Find your branch here:

        I recommend buying some extras just in case you need them later on. If you haven't already done so and I'm pretty sure you have, remove the tail cap and remove the spring. Look for a spare blub. I keep a spare in the tail cap of mine wrapped in a tiny piece of cloth under the spring.
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          Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

          I always purchase my mag lite replacement bulbs at home depot, they stock them next to the flashlights.

          I want the new rechargable Mag Lite, any comments from anyone who has one? I am very hard on my flashlights, a little worried about breaking it as it costs around $100, has a glass lens and a very bright bulb.

          I have the new Mag Lites with the LED, very bright, and the batteries last longer, but............still not as bright as the rechargable



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            Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

            The Mag-Light rechargable is big, heavy and very bright. If you want a real beast that's what it is. Here is a pretty good deal on it that you might want to check out.

            For myself, I wanted a good powerful (not quite as powerful) but lighter weight flashlight and I wanted a few little LEDs for a long run night light use besides the main light. I went with a Streamlight model SL-20XP which I like. Both are good products (I'm sure some will like one brand over the other) and I would check both. There's always new products coming out to see too.

            Streamlight SL-20X The policemans choice in an aluminum flashlight

            Streamlight SL-20XP A newer design made in tuff plastic and has 3 little LEDs beside the main halogen lamp.

            To me it looks like if you are wanting a real blaster, that the Mag-Lite which is on special would be the way to go. I know someone that has one and it is very powerful. The drawback is that it is heavy. I do tend to like the adjustable beam feature.

            Maglite info from them:

            Streamlight rechargables (They have far more to choose from) The SL-35X is their big beast that gives good run time and it is powerful. Don't get fooled by candle power ratings. You need to know the lumans rating as well. While on their site check out the famous Light-Box. They are great work lights for professionals.
   (rechargable flashlights)
   (Lightbox rechargable work lights)
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              Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

              I love this forum,Sapien,Robert,the Home Depot here does have some 3 and 4 D-cell bulbs.Nothing close to the 6,unless I can use 4 bulbs in a six,I don't think I can.

              Wousko,It was you that I was looking for to bang this one out.You stuck it,a perfect 10.You always say that you howl like a dog.
              I would say on this one you were the cat's MEOW




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                Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

                Did you look in the base under the spring in a foam sleeve, of the flash light my mag lights all had a replacement bulb in the base, needless to say my mag light flashlights are not new, so if they still do that I don't know.
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                  Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

                  HD and your local hardware are probably your best bet if you need it ASAP as you said you did. Otherwise the INTERNET and some of the other choices people offered are probably a bit cheaper, but heck, we are only talking about a darn bulb. I have looked in HD and Lowes and other local places for a spare bulb for my 5D cell Maglite. I think I will try the local shop that LE and EMS frequent or gun shop. They both are good candidates to carry this item.

                  I have had a Stinger rechargeable for many years that I keep in the truck. Its a 3C cell size but uses a proprietary Ni-Cad so you can't just switch it out with three C-sized Li Ions or Ni-Cads. I've been to Streamlight's website but haven't found a replacement battery there no any place locally yet. After almost 10 years the battery will no longer take a charge. The size is great and its super bright, so if I can find a new cell for it I will keep using it.

                  Maglite now has LED conversion bulbs for most of their lights, you might look into these too. They are not cheap but a pretty much shock proof and last for thousands of hours, so they are worth the $15 or whatever they want for them. A 3 Watt LED is plenty bright, stronger than your 6D cell Maglite is with a Krypton bulb.
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                    Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

                    Bob, Is there a good chance this is the battery you need?


                    You might give them a call as this place has sold Streamlight for a long time and should be able to figure out the right replacement battery. 1-888-881-1908 and tell the girl that answers you need to speak to someone with technical info on Streamlight batteries.

                    Another idea would be to see if there's a Batteries Plus near you.


                    Their location near me stocks sub C Ni-Cad cells and using their spot welder, weld-on buttons and such along with heat shrink tubing they make up some pretty wild replacement batteries for customers. You'll need to take in the old battery and your Stinger so you can be sure the new battery does work in it.

                    Data sheet and accessories for Streamlight Classic Stinger - I hope this helps.
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                      Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

                      Yep, that first link is it all right. The $16.95 + ship might sound like a lot for a battery but the light is worth it to me. I have three chargers (one in each vehicle and one in the house) so I'm kinda heavily invested in the thing. Until it totally dies I'm gonna keep using it.

                      Thanks for locating the battery Woussko.
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                        Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

                        adam, graingers will have them the next day or sooner.

                        i would call them or do an internet check.

                        robert, the rechargeable lite is good and expensive. i have 2 of them and now both are dead. the battery pack is $35.0 approx.

                        does have both a car and house charger.

                        phoebe it is


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                          Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

                          I've been using the Streamlight Polystingers for the last few years and have been very happy. There is a reason many PD have switched to them.

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                            Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where


                            Why pay $35 when you can get the Mag-Lite replacement battery for $22.75 plus shipping here?

                            Here's something for owners of the Mag-Lite rechargable. Now you can upgrade to 3 super bright LEDs in place of the standard gas filled bulb. You get longer run time between charges and crisp blue-white light. This isn't cheap but for heady duty users it might be worth it. Also, this would be cool for your "Dear Santa" list. I advise waiting a few months to find out if this does work out OK. I'm wondering about heat issues and such.

                            Note: In NO way or form does Woussko work for BrightGuy. I just like doing business with a small company that's not into skrewing over their customers.
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                              Re: Mag-lte Bulb Where

                              Plenty of info for me,thanks guys.

                              Bob, went to mag site to see led to find out what I'm looking for at depot.haven't gotten over there yet.

                              Woussko,they have a graingers a few miles north of me.may have to go up there when I get back.No,actually might try your people at BRTE GYS