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  • Cheap/Pimp My John

    Rick and Adam and anyone else, this may help improve your putting.

    Feel free to order one anytime.

    My wife already told me, no way.

    This is the cheaper version of Pimp My John...

    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

    A good climbing rope will last you 3 to 5 years, a bad climbing rope will last you a life time !!!

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    Re: Cheap/Pimp My John

    funny you brought this up. i was going to buy this for my buddies 40th. birthday last year. but i figured his wife would be upset with me. so instead i got him other golf related stuff.

    just saw him yesterday at his shop party. electrician

    nothing like 2 plumbers and a bunch of electricians in a Twinkie eating contest. of course the plumbers took first and second

    no i wasn't first. and no i wasn't wearing a skirt. but the winner also had a skirt on the day before.

    can't beat steve in a speed eating contest. 3 twinkies as fast as you can.

    phoebe it is