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TS-3650 arbor rounding!!

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  • TS-3650 arbor rounding!!

    I have a Ridgid TS 3650 table saw. The tools that came with the saw to remove the blade..those cheap stamped steel wrenches.. are rounding over the arbor. The wrench that I place on the flattened sections of the arbor to lock the arbor in place is slipping off the flat spot and causing round over damage to the arbor. What else can I use to hold the arbor in place? I have tried wrenches of every size I own..alot of sizes.. and they are either too big or too small. Any ideas? I may have done pretty serious damage to the arbor shaft already..HELP!

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    Re: TS-3650 arbor rounding!!

    I only use one wrench and that's on the end with the arbor nut. To keep the blade from turning, I just put on a leather work glove and hold the blade by hand. Remember, the arbor nut only needs to be snugged up to the blade. It's not necessary to go much tighter than a ¼ turn on the arbor nut after you've hand tightened up to the blade.
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      Re: TS-3650 arbor rounding!!


      BadgerDave has the idea, but in case that doesn't work, you can try using a Tappet Wrench of the correct size on the arbor. I don't have a TS3650 to measure for the correct size, but if I remember from others with this issue, I think a 7/8" one should work. It's true and sad that companies supply real junk stamped steel wrenches. A good Tappet Wrench is made from alloy tool steel and is forged and then ground to the correct head size. They are heat tempered too. You can find them at Sears on the Craftsman web site, at good tool dealers (automotive) and I see them for sale on eBay all the time. If you have made a mess out of the arbor, you may have to try either holding the blade or jamming it with a block of wood. Is the nut also damaged?


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        Re: TS-3650 arbor rounding!!

        Thanks for the help..this forum is incredibly helpful for a beginner like me. No, the nut is fine. I use a socket for the nut (1-1/16) and a small pull bar. I didn't want to strip the nut too. I did not even think of locking the blade with a glove or block of wood..duh..LOL. It does tick me off that ridgid supplies such inferior tools to work on a pretty pricey saw. I am going to try and file the round over down to smooth again and find a wrench to fit it..most are too thick to fit in the small space between the spacer and blade.


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          Re: TS-3650 arbor rounding!!

          This will help people that need to hold the arbor on the TS-3650 and other similar table saws.

          Craftsman 3/4 x 7/8 in. Wrench, Tappet - Sears item #00944474000 Mfr. model #44474

          Craftsman also has a set of 4 (8 opening sizes) of them and if needed the price is better than buying them by the each. They are on special through August 11 in case anyone wants this set. The set is a nice gift for someone you know that's a mechanic type.

          Craftsman 4 pc. Wrench Set, Tappet, SAE Sears item #00944189000 Mfr. model #44189

          Please click picture below to see it larger. They are about 10 inches end to end and have thin heads.
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