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    Originally posted by glkearns View Post

    USS Enterprise
    You didn't specify which one.

    Helms Bakery Truck

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      You missed one Mark, the shuttle Enterprise

      Click image for larger version

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        1775-1777 Sloop of War (USA)

        The full entry for this ship from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships is available on-line.

        • Displacement: 70 tons
        • Propulsion: Sloop rigged
        • Length: 62 feet
        • Compliment: 50
        • Armament: 12 4-pounders, 10 swivels

        Formerly HMS George, a British supply ship. Captured from Great Britain 18 May, 1775 at St. Johns, Quebec on the Richelieu River by Col. Benedict Arnold et. al. Armed for use on Lake Champlain, renamed Enterprise. They took her to Crown Point, where the inland waters were under the command of General Schuyler. She was then given to Captain Dickinson for command.
        28 August 1775: with other vessels, embarked 1000 troops for capture of St Johns, Montreal, and Quebec. August 27, 1775, with more than 1,000 troops, she helps capture St.Johns, Montreal and besieged Quebec. They are forced to retreat in the Spring of 1776 when more British Troops come.
        4 September 1776: American forces were readied to engage the British forces. Enterprise and 2 schooners, eight gondolas and 4 galleons set out under the strategy of Brigadier-General Arnold.
        11-13 October 1776: Battle of Valcour Island (on Lake Champlain, near Plattsburg, NY) Tactical defeat for Americans, though strategic victory. British invasion disrupted. Enterprise was one of only five ships to escape.
        • 11 October 1776
          • 11:00am, the fleet met the British in battle.
          • 12:15pm, the fight was "very warm".
          • 5:00pm, the fight was called for the night. 60 Americans were killed.
          • 7:00pm, the Enterprise and the rest of the fleet return to Crown Point, since 70% of the ammunition was spent.

        • 12 October 1776, by morning they reached Schuyler's island.
          • 2:00pm, weighed anchor, and continued on.
          • 6:00pm, reached within 28 miles of Crown Point. All night long British vessels pursued.

        • 13 October 1776, British vessels engaged the Enterprise and American forces near Split Rock. The second battled ensued, leaving the fleet in shambles. Enterprise, two schooners and one gondola hastily retreated.
        • 14 October 1776, Enterprise reaches Ft. Ticonderoga at 4:00am.

        26 October 1776: a battle took place between British and American vessels near Plattsburg, New York.
        7 July 1777: Battle of Lake Champlain
        The vessel was defeated and ran aground. She and five other vessels were helping in the evacution of Ticonderoga. The Enterprise was then burned at Skenesboro.
        While the ship was lost, the battle of Valcour Island delayed the British advance by almost a year, which allowed the Americans time to raise and train an army. The ship was destroyed during the British advance toward Saratoga. On October 17, 1777, the American army under Gen. Horatio Gates, decisively defeated the British at the Battle of Saratoga. "This victory was a primary factor in bringing about the alliance with France and bringing the powerful French Navy to the aid of the colonies." Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, pg. 355


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          Helms' bakery truck...

          Next: a fortune cookie that says, "Warning: Do Not Open, Contains Ebola Virus".
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