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  • Dedicated charge card for internet

    Here's some advice. If you mail order/internet shop often,use one dedicated credit card for purchases. Sure enough someone obtained our card number and made a fraudulant charge. The fraud dept caught it and cancled card and issued us a new one!!!!Later on while vacationing at Rehobeth beach,we learned from the hotel clerk that someone either hacked or though a security problem obtained customer info. Never confirmed if this was true w/amazon. If it is true,it would have been nice to have been nofified by That is why we only use a low credit limit card for internet.
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    Re: Dedicated charge card for internet

    Good idea Akita

    If anyone sets up a PayPal account it's a good idea to link it to a checking or credit card at another big bank but not the same bank your main accounts are with. Also, talk to an account manager about protection from hacking and such. Most good banks have some manor of customer protection, but be sure and get it in print.

    Another good idea is to NOT pay with a credit card at restaurants-bars. Pay with cash and do not carry lots with you. The idea is so your server doesn't get access to your credit card(s). ***** happens so it pays to do what you can to be careful. Always get and keep reciepts and make some notes on the back if you think they may be inportant to you later on.

    By the way to show payment in case there's trouble ALWAYS get a reciept at gas stations no matter how you pay. There have been cases where the wrong person gets arrested when someone else drives away without paying. Be ready so show proof you did in fact pay.
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