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Lifetime Warranty????

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  • Lifetime Warranty????

    I bought a set of 18v Ridgid power tools when they first came out. The deal included a lifetime warranty on all of the tools including batteries. I was told that if I ever had a problem to bring the tools to Home Depot and they would exchange it for me. Well.......

    I had a battery refuse to take a charge last week. When I took it to HD they told me it wasn't their Ridgid they said.

    Ridgid gave me the name of their closest service center to me....75 miles away. When I called them they told me to bring in or UPS all of the tools in the set including both batteries and the charger and they would check it out and let me know what they would do in three or four weeks. When I told them that I needed the other tools and battery for my work they said if I didn't send the whole set to them they woudn't even test my battery.

    So I sent them the whole set and had to go out and buy a new screw gun (NOT Ridgid) so I could go to work. I will never buy a r
    Ridgid tool again.