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at least 10 rescue miners injured

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  • at least 10 rescue miners injured

    HUNTINGTON, Utah - At least 10 people working to find six men trapped in coal mine were injured Thursday night, authorities said. "It is believed that the accident was caused by a bump. ... We are in the process of doing a head count to ensure that everyone is accounted for," said Dirk Fillpot, spokesman for the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

    A bump commonly refers to pressure inside the mine that shoots coal from the walls with great force.
    The extent of the injuries in the Crandall Canyon mine was not immediately clear

    Lets pray tonight for them!!!!

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    Re: at least 10 rescue miners injured

    This is very sad news. One of the rescue workers died. More info is available at the web site below.

    Rescuer Dies in Accident at Utah Mine
    HUNTINGTON, Utah (Aug. 17) - A disastrous cave-in Thursday night killed a rescue worker and injured at least eight others who were trying to tunnel through rubble to reach six trapped miners, authorities said.

    The info at the web site below is form The Associated Press


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      Re: at least 10 rescue miners injured

      On the 5am (Eastern) morning news the death toll is now up to 3 people (rescue workers). Things are not looking good at all.


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        Re: at least 10 rescue miners injured

        A very sad shame, god be with the families of those trapped and also the rescuers.

        One thing to note, the questions being asked by the reporters make me sick!

        I hate the media, why does it matter if the rescuer died on the way to the hospital or when he entered the hospital? another stupid question, does this tragidy hit home? asked the mayor last night? olf course it does! so many other stupid questions, it really pisses me off!



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          Re: at least 10 rescue miners injured

          So sad,

          It makes you even question are they still alive or did the initial cave in killed those 6 miners? It has been 12 days already.

          Do you honestly think they can survive on the food they have?

          They said that every mine is suppose to have food and water for 96 hrs every couple of feet.

          Is that enough? Are the prayers enough?

          What happends with the rescue mission? Or is it gonna be turned into recovery mission?

          I really would not want to be in the shoes of the families of the first miners.

          Already feeling sad and horrible that my husband,father and son is there for 12 days and no hope so far but knowing that cave in killed these 3 miners and the work for my husband,father and son has been postponed.

          Maybe asking myself what if they are still alive and we need to get them asap cause if we dont it will really be too late. What if the search depedns on these 2 days?

          So many horrible things the family is going through,so many thoughs, so many sorrow and not so many hope..

          But at the end we all can never give up hope cause that is the only thing that is holding us right now.

          We should be gratefull for all everything we have. Little families,big families,children or no children, happy or depressed, rich or poor...

          Cause we have one thing that separates us... We are alive and we should be damn gratefull for it, for being able to see the lgiht every single day,have options in the life and for being blessed...

          For the ones killed i hope god is with you and rest in peace
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            Re: at least 10 rescue miners injured

            pls pray for them..