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recycle batteries...a suggestion

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  • recycle batteries...a suggestion

    I just watched "Ask This Old House" and one of the subjects was about recycling batteries.
    Now I did hear a rumor that the big barge with tons of old batteries headed to China or Japan just go beyond the coastal limits and then dump their load!
    True or false I started to think that we pay significant dollars for replacement battery packs. I suggest that Ridgid, Dewalt, Craftsman, and all the other battery tool makers offer a trade in discount good towards a replacement battery.

    Then the Manufacturer can control the recycling process and ensure more business. Let's say a 10% discount on a new battery with a trade in.
    In most cases that about covers sales tax!

    I know you get a trade in when you replace a car battery, so why not a tool battery program? This then becomes a win/win process.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: recycle batteries...a suggestion

    The trade-in program is a good idea. Another idea is to have the battery packs rebuilt using new cells of the same type that were in it. This normally costs less and the place that does the work deals with proper recycling of the old cells. The trade-in program would boost sales of new battery packs and it most likely would help keep customers buying the same brand again.