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favorite show you watch at evenings

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    Re: favorite show you watch at evenings

    Originally posted by biscuit View Post
    "Anyone else's wife hate what you watch????"

    Yep, my wife cant stand it when I have a lot of friends over for smoking some ribs or pork shoulders and watch Nascar/Baseball and have a Beer or 12 (that she knows about)

    She does however look forward to football season for some reason.

    Yeah, I love nascar also, but I consider it a sporting event, not a "Show" so I didn't comment on it, my wife dosen't like Nascar either. I have posted my dreams before, and one of my dreams is to race a car and hopefully own a team someday



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      Re: favorite show you watch at evenings

      I'm a movie buff. My first check every evening is Turner Classic Movies (TCM) or one of the few cable "extra" movie channels. If a movie can't be found, then I'm off to the History Channel (or History International) or one of the Science Channels.

      I used to love grabbing a book from the library, but the problem with that is, once started I don't want to leave it... and that takes up a lot of time where I should be doing other things. So, TV and a movie is my best bet for a couple hours each evening.

      Oh yeah... my wife doesn't like anything that I watch!



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        Re: favorite show you watch at evenings

        In the winter time I usually watch CSI when I remember or catch a show on Discovery or History channels. That is if I am around. Summer time rarely watch anything, with this year being so busy with good fishing, camping and other outdoor activities I would rather be outdoors. Then the fires hit so staying busy with pitching in where I can digging lines, volunteer to help ferry the Smoke Jumpers to/from West Yellowstone base and home, wrapping outbuildins in foil, etc, etc. Feel like I am living in some kind of reality show! Generally year around I will catch The Simpsons or Becker (10:30PM my time) while have a before bed snack.

        Used to watch movies quite often, then the kids came along and haven't watched a movie in a looonnng time. My older son (3 yrs) doesn't seem to care for TV so we spend time together doing other things when possible.

        The wife will sometimes watch if I am watching, but doesn't care much for TV in general. Otherwise she will watch her news channels in her native language to keep abreast of the news in her own country for about an hour a day.
        Still enjoying all 10 fingers!