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Landscape Question

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  • Landscape Question

    I am adding some triple mix on top of my sand (thats all we have here for 200' down) and am wondering how close to the top of the concrete walkway you would bring the soil up to before planting seed. I am thinking within about 1/2" down from the top so the soil does not run on the walkway before the grass grows but it is close enough that the mower anti scalp wheels will not hit the walk. Am I about right or should I bring it even with the top?

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    Re: Landscape Question

    You also need to take into consideration, will your side walk heave up after the winter. Me, I would just bring everything to level, then through down some hay to stop any wash out w/your seeds.
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      Re: Landscape Question

      The concrete will not move ... running to shop to find oak to knock on


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        Re: Landscape Question

        Personally, I have always leveled everything with the grade of my driveways, sidewalks etc.

        Keep in mind that you have the potential for a little settling after planting as well.