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Subaru Key Fobe Lithium Cell Issues

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  • Subaru Key Fobe Lithium Cell Issues

    This issue isn't just mine but rather that of anyone owning a 2003 or 2004 Subaru with keyless entry and factory alarm system. The key fobes require a type CR2032 lithium cell. The only ones I have ever found to hold up at all are Energizer ECR2032. Duracell will last about a month at best and every other major brand I've tried won't last a week. Radio Shack ones are in far too many cases dead in the package. YES really they are. Maxell and Sony won't hold up. Am I the only person that's found the Energizer to be the only good choice for this application?

    When it comes to regular alkaline cells such as AAA, AA, C, D, 9 Volt type 1604 battery and more, I strongly recommend Duracell Procell which is their industrial line. They may not be the best made, but I have had very good results with them for many years.

    Let's hear about what others have found and your luck, please.

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    Re: Subaru Key Fobe Lithium Cell Issues

    I don't know about the Subaru key fob but I just bought a replacement key fob for my Ford F-150 and it cost me $150

    Yea it was from the dealership. Said it had a "special" battery

    I may have been taken but fully expected that going in

    Woussko,,,,,WTF is Tellachimosarrenfay


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      Re: Subaru Key Fobe Lithium Cell Issues


      Please see the P M that I sent you. I think it will answer your questions.

      As for the special battery, I really doubt that FORD has something custom made. I bet if you look you can take apart your old fobe. If you get it apart (use care) you should see the battery. Most of the time they are silver and look like a button in a way. That's like a button on a shirt or pants. Try to remove it and see if there are any numbers and/or letters on it. A brand would help too. I bet I can cross it to one of the big brands and you can have yourself a spare key fobe soon.

      By the way car dealers are out to SKREW over customers on parts and many do not have any idea of what's inside things. They just stock and sell what's easy and brings in the $$$.