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granite tile for kitchen counter?

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  • granite tile for kitchen counter?

    We have 1987 vintage Formica kitchen counter tops. I can't afford solid granite or other nice but high price counter top material.
    I asked on a different post about granite "covers" that fit over the original counter top but after one reply decided this also may not be prudent.

    I saw a home DYI program where they installed granite tile for a kitchen counter top. They indicated the grout joint can be very thin and with the right color grout may give the illusion of a solid granite top.

    This sounds interesting, affordable, and possibly a "fun project".

    Right now we have the typical round over edges. I doubt the granite tile has a bull nose cut to emulate that edge. I'm considering cutting the round over edge and then use oak with a 45 degree chamfer to finish the edge. I then can also stain the oak to match the cabinets.

    I'm not sure about preparing the surface. Do I just sand the old Formica and then use a latex thin set? -or- do I need to apply something [what?] over the Formica and then apply the granite tile? The Formica is in good shape, I'm sure that alone will affect replies.

    Locally I know of a wholesale tile place that has an amazing selection of tiles. I'm looking at either 12", 16", 24" or a mix of sized tiles so the number of grout lines will be minimal.
    I have yet to measure the counter top so I can't discuss tile size right now.

    I'd appreciate any comments from any tile folks reading this or from weekend warriors with their successful kitchen counter top remakes.


    Cactus Man

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    Re: granite tile for kitchen counter?

    Cactus, You don't have to put an oak edge back on after you cut off the bullnose, just cut it close to the cabinets. The granite tiles come with a bull nose edge. (Unless you prefer to have an oak edge in front of the granite) As you suggested, a little light sanding and Thiset will work very nicely. I don't have granite myself, but helped a neighbor put it in and with the narrow joints it almost looks like one piece. HTH